Zack Darling

As the CEO of The Hybrid Creative, Zack is deeply focused on business development and expansion of the award-winning agency into the premier international platform for launching successful cannabis brands. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Zack brings 20+ years of experience in brand development, design, marketing and event production. Having been raised by cannabis farmers in the Emerald Triangle, he is truly “second generation.” Zack started his first agency, Greenfield Graphics in 1997 where he branded some of the industry’s first hydroponics brands. Since those early days, he has played an active role in defining the emerging cannabis industry as we know it today.

Zack’s vision to build the premier global agency for cannabis was further enabled in mid 2018 when The Hybrid Creative was acquired by KushCo Holdings, parent company of Kush Bottles and others. This event has empowered the growing agency to expand to all cities, states and countries where there is a strong or emerging cannabis industry. The agency is currently expanding their Santa Rosa, California office, building a secondary agency in Los Angeles and hiring new representatives throughout the US and Canada.

Zack’s passion for building the industry’s most successful brands is evident in The Hybrid Creative’s client list and portfolio of work. His innovative method for creating purpose-driven, sustainable and radically differentiated brands is the subject of many of his keynote and panel presentations. By embracing a value-driven approach to every working relationship, he has been effective at bringing thought leaders together to collaborate and co-create. The success of this can be seen in his world-class team and vast professional network.