Willie Nelson Award


As one of the most recognizable, respected, and outspoken advocates not only for the hemp and cannabis reform movements, but for environmental and societal sustainability overall, Woody Harrelson will take the stage to accept the “Willie Nelson” (Lifetime Achievement) Award at the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards on May 14th, 2022 at the Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California.

(Los Angeles, CA) — The 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards presented by Boveda and PurePressure by Agrify will bring the best and the brightest in California cannabis to the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre (www.themontalban.com) in Hollywood, California on Saturday, May 14th, 2022.  Joining the celebration as an Emerald Cup Award recipient will be one of Hollywood’s most iconic talents and long-time cannabis activist, Woody Harrelson.

In recognition of decades of fearless advocacy on behalf of cannabis culture, veganism, and a healthy questioning of the status quo, the Emerald Cup has awarded Harrelson the 2022Willie Nelson” (Lifetime Achievement) Award.  Harrelson will be honored live on stage at the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards show at the Montalbán Theatre on May 14th, joining a deeply respected association of past winners including Winona LaDuke, Tommy Chong, Valerie Corral, and Willie Nelson himself.

As a legend nested in the hills of the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, the Emerald Cup will plant its flag for the first time in Southern California, bringing to Los Angeles a deeply-rooted tradition of gathering some of the most respected entrepreneurs, cultivators, scientists, developers, entertainers and enthusiasts to celebrate the cannabis plant, as well as the community, business and industry surrounding it.

The annual Emerald Cup competition and celebration, founded in 2004, shines an authentic spotlight on the absolute best in class when it comes to California cannabis and the people who bring it to market.  The 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards invites this year’s competitors, judges, sponsors and close friends of the Cup to this private event.  The event will feature a guest list that, much like the competition, includes the cream of the crop from the California cannabis industry.

With the upcoming opening of The Woods, Harrelson’s West Hollywood-based cannabis retail dispensary and lounge, Harrelson is sure to find common ground with his fellow guests at the Emerald Cup Awards.  Harrelson’s nomination for the “Willie Nelson” (Lifetime Achievement) Award, however, is based on his activism in the cannabis space, from his symbolic protest of cannabis criminalization by illegally planting a hemp seed in Kentucky in 1996, to his outspoken activism in favor of environmental sustainability, veganism, and regenerative agricultural practices, Harrelson has used his celebrity influence to lend a voice to many of the noble causes with which he is aligned.  All of which, taken together, foster a push toward environmental and societal stability.

Revered for its legendary namesake as well as its powerhouse of recipients, Harrelson’s acceptance of the Emerald Cup’s “Willie Nelson” (Lifetime Achievement) Award will represent a full-circle moment and acknowledgement of the bond between Nelson and Harrelson, as Nelson and Harrelson are long-time friends with shared ideals and aligned activism efforts, including first and foremost, cannabis decriminalization.

“We’re honored to have Woody join us to receive The Willie Nelson Award”. “There are very few people I respect and admire as much as Woody”, says Emerald cup Founder Tim Blake.