Vivian McPeak

Vivian McPeak is the president of Seattle Events, a Non-Profit Organization, and executive director of the Seattle HEMPFEST®, the world’s largest annual cannabis policy reform rally. The recipient of the High Times Magazine 2012 Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award and DOPE Magazine 2016 Emery Award for lifetime achievement, in 2016 Vivian was named one of the “50 Most Influential People” by Seattle Magazine. He has appeared on numerous television and cable news networks, including FOX News, CNN, & NBC. McPeak is the host of Hempresent, a weekly radio podcast on Cannabis Radio with listeners on multiple continents.

A founding member of the Seattle Hempfest, McPeak draws inspiration from the civil rights and social justice movements of the last century. He has been a major influence behind Seattle HEMPFEST’s community values approach which has built bridges of communication and constructive collaboration with various Seattle city departments including local law enforcement.  The result has been longstanding relationships of mutual trust and respect that he credits for the longevity and success of America’s largest annual free speech event. McPeak believes that the public is best served when citizens and public officials find common ground to work collaboratively toward achieving the common goals of public safety and harm reduction.

Vivian is currently partnering with the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission on a holiday season impaired driving awareness campaign.


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