Tools for Stabilizing the future of California’s Traditional Outdoor Cannabis Farmer

As regulations are implemented in 2018 and the scales of economy tip heavily in favor of industrial year round agricultural models, what will become of California’s well known, traditional outdoor farming communities?  What can be done to insure that the seasonal outdoor farmer not only survives, but thrives in California’s newly regulated cannabis marketplace?  Join ICFA Executive Director Dustin Moore, for this panel that explores creative and practical tools that can uses to help sustain and stabilize the future of California’s traditional outdoor farming communities.  This panel will explain the benefits of Agricultural Commissions with attorney Louis Brown, Appellation of Origin development and branding with Genine Coleman, the parallels between small wineries and small cannabis farms, the power of standards with Michael Steinmetz President and Founder of Flow Kana.

Speakers: Louis Brown , Genine Coleman (MAPS) Michael Steinmetz (Standards), Erich Pearson, Dustin Moore (Moderator)