Tom Alexander

Tom Alexander published Sinsemilla Tips in 1979 in Corvallis, Oregon after getting arrested with over 2,100 plants. Charges were dropped almost immediately but three sheriff deputies stole the evidence since it wasn’t needed in a court case and were arrested by the State Police. Outraged at their light sentences of probation, Alexander wanted to write a book but local grower friends convinced him to publish an ongoing magazine.

Sinsemilla Tips was known around the world for introducing new and innovative indoor and outdoor techniques for cultivating Cannabis such as Sea of Green, Screen of Green, clones, advanced pruning, breeding strains, HID lighting, and organics using mycorrhizal fungi, guanos, humid and fulvic acid. When every issue came out, Alexander would take a road trip to Southern Oregon and Northern California to distribute the magazine and also touch base with growers in the region to find stories to publish. Sinsemilla Tips had numerous Humboldt and Mendocino growers writing articles under pen names. Alexander published Sinsemilla Tips for ten years until the DEA went after all of its advertisers in Operation Green Merchant. Alexander then published Growing Edge magazine which reported on high tech cultivation methods from around the world without the mention of Cannabis but the techniques reported on could be used in Cannabis cultivation. Growing Edge was published until 2009 when Alexander retired from publishing.

Alexander became a medical Cannabis patient and also a consultant to medical Cannabis growers throughout the west coast. He also is a speaker at Cannabis conferences.