Tina Gordon

Tina Gordon is a traditional Cannabis farmer and advocate for increased access to healthy medicine produced in alignment with nature. After relocating from San Francisco to southern Humboldt County in 2007, she was awakened to the healing properties of clean air, fresh water and farm-grown food, and this transformation informed the development of her philosophical approach to farming. Cannabis cultivation has allowed her to share the benefits of a harmonious relationship with the environment as well as providing a platform to help others learn valuable skills.

Prior to cultivating Cannabis, Tina worked as a producer, documentary filmmaker, event promoter and musician, with an emphasis on underground or alternative subcultures. As a workshop facilitator for public access television, she taught people how to tell their stories more effectively. In all of her creative projects, Tina has endeavored to empower the self-expression of those who are underrepresented or marginalized. She now brings that focus to the traditional Cannabis farming community, with a desire to dignify the efforts of the pioneers who built this historic movement.


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