Tim Blake Founder Introduction

Tim BlakeIt’s a new day, a new era, and it’s time for everyone to come together to build a bridge to the “everything is possible” Cannabis World we’re all going to be living in.

I’ve been growing for over forty years but I’ve never been as excited as I am at this time about what the future holds for cannabis, our industry, and our community. After decades of failed efforts to stem the ever growing support and demand for our sacred herb, the Feds and the powers that be are finally realizing there’s no turning back. With the imminent legalization of adult use cannabis in California in 2016, we’re heading into uncharted territory. Everyone’s quite aware that the cannabis market in California is larger than Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and several other states combined. No doubt it will only get much more so in the coming years after legalization. California will also be the recognized world leader in the production of high-grade medicinal cannabis. It already is to many folks, but the rest of the world will soon know it too! Sure, they’re still beating us up all over the state, but it’s their final parting shots that are being inflicted upon us. The writing’s on the wall and the time is over for the old school ways of failed law enforcement tactics.

Being part of a collective dispensary, it’s nothing short of amazing to see all the new products coming through our door. Companies are sprouting up by the dozens, each hoping to find their niche in the ever-expanding cannabis marketplace, although it’s drier than it has been in twenty years. It’s like the old days, where good bud is hard to find during the baking summer months. Everyone thought we’d be flooded with bud after last year’s record harvest, but it’s dry as a bone out there on the streets. You can still go to your corner dispensary and get yourself some great smoke, but go into the hills and you’ll find out all the buyers are coming up empty. The Emerald Triangle farmers have no more bud to sell; it’s all gone up in smoke and vapor!

About seven percent of the potential market was in place as of last year. It’s probably now doubled to fourteen percent. That increase sucked up all the excess flowers that would have been turning brown by now. I used to think, like many others, that we would see a tough marketplace for our products over the next few years, but it’s clear our industry will only grow and grow each year for the next decade. Now I’m realizing that we’re going to do just fine! There is plenty of room to find a place for yourself in the evolving cannabis industry if you have true passion for our sacred herb.

I went to the local nursery the other day. An old friend was standing beside some fourteen-foot tall bamboo stakes. He looked tiny alongside the skinny poles. We had a good laugh. The first year they brought in the stakes the biggest ones were eight- footers. They only allow us to grow twenty-five plants in Mendocino at this time, so we’ve learned how to grow big ones. No, huge ones!!! The strains that all the up and coming breeders are showering down on everyone are amazingly freaking good. Everyone’s becoming a seed breeder! And a hash maker! And just about every other product you can think of… they’re creating. I’m stunned and amazed at what’s taking place in such a short time.

With that in mind we’re making sure that the very best teachers join us at this year’s Emerald Cup; to guide us, show us the ropes, and freely share the wealth of knowledge they’ve absorbed over the years.

We’re taking over the entire fairgrounds, giving us room to expand for years to come. You’ll find a different layout this year, one that you’ll enjoy due to all the additional space and places to play.

With a couple of years under our belt at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, we’re more than ready to build upon last year’s successes, which include fixing details we missed and providing many new elements we’re adding to the show.

We’re going to have a multitude of food options. You’ll be able to eat world-class cuisine to your heart’s content.

The most important part of the Emerald Cup is the competition. We had so many entries last year it kicked our butts. This year we’re getting a running start, we’re dialing in the contests and rules, and building a judges’ team for each contest, so that we’re up to the challenges of dealing with so many contestants. A Special Thanks goes out to all of them!

After the Cup was over, I finally had chance to check out all the entries. The presentations themselves, from the quality of the products to the packaging and labeling, blew me away. Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes to ponder on such dedication and commitment. You all rock! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to truly having time to spend with you at this year’s 2016 Cup.

The biggest personal reason I’m looking forward to the Cup this year is that I finally get a chance to really take in the event. Having my daughter Taylor, Michelle, Joshua taking over more of the responsibilities for the event will allow me the opportunity to mingle, learn a lesson or two, and get to meet some of my lifelong heroes.

We have become a family over the years; everyone bonding over all the joys, challenges, and tribulations of producing the past eleven Emerald Cups.

I look forward to seeing all of you this December.

Look for me. I’ll be the guy with the biggest grin on his face

Tim Blake