Terpene Classes

Emerald Cup Cannabis Classification System based on PhytoFacts® powered by SC Labs.

Market forces hyper focused on THC % have effectively blurred the lines between what defines “craft” and “quality” cannabis from corporate commoditized cannabinoids and “biomass.” This existential dilemma has brought the craft cannabis market and small farmers across California, Oregon and other states where cannabis is legal, to the brink of extinction: with consumers and medical patients of cannabis no better off and with no real roadmap to empower and identify the range and spectrum of the medicinal possibilities contained within cannabis and the unique entourage effects possible from the diversity that cannabis offers; nor that terpene content preserved and presented in dried cannabis flowers IS actually much more of a primary indicators of “quality” than THC content, which consumers and buyers will more ubiquitously use in the future to identify and judge quality from afar, or if they aren’t able to smell the herb in person.

In an effort to help reframe the conversation regarding what defines “quality” in cannabis and to empower a hopeful and more optimistic future for farmers and cannabis consumers, the Emerald Cup, in collaboration with SC Labs and NAPRO research, have created an alliance to help revolutionize the collective understanding of the true role terpene content plays in not only as one of the primary metrics to judge quality, but the impact these precious and volatile terpenes play in establishing and enhancing the entourage effects possible when terpene content is present and preserved in flowers and concentrates with regard to cannabinoids to terpene ratios and the what terpenes correlate to what flavors, aromas and ultimately “effects” possible.

We are proud to announce the introduction to the Emerald Cup Cannabis Classification system based on PhytoFacts® and powered by SC Labs!