Seth Crawford

Seth Crawford is the co-founder of Oregon CBD, a leading developer of phytocannabinoid-rich industrial hemp varieties designed for large-scale production. Seth earned advanced degrees from Oregon State University (MPP, public policy) and the University of Oregon (MS, Ph.D., sociology) and enjoyed a decade-long teaching career at OSU. His published work on the political economy of cannabis provided the first structural analysis of Oregon’s decentralized, pre-legalization production and distribution networks. He “deinstitutionalized” in 2015 and transitioned from hobby-level breeding to industrial-scale field trials for developing novel, non-psychoactive cannabis. Early adoption of disruptive testing technology has helped Oregon CBD achieve a number of industry “firsts,” develop of a large library of novel chemovars, and lead the nation in feminized seed production (over 4000 acres of seed supplied to farmers in 2018).