Sequoyah Hudson

Sequoyah, with her husband, owns and operates a small permitted cannabis farm in Northern California’s renowned ‘Emerald Triangle’ – 8 Mile Family Farms. Sequoyah recognized early on an opportunity to either get involved and engaged with the process of regulatory development or risk not having an attainable path to market. Early in 2014 she committed to preserving the heritage and legacy of existing small operators across the state and ensuring their best possible chance at success. She felt that the key to this success was to spread the spirit of ‘co-opetition’, acquire and share as much information as possible, have the courage to speak up and tell their story and organize and advocate for good policy.

Sequoyah has played an integral role in networking farmers in rural Northern California as part of an organization modeled after an agricultural cooperative known as the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. In creating this model, Sequoyah has been leading the way in collaboratively achieving efficiencies of scale, educating on developing regulations, and providing support for small rural cultivators in the region.

Sequoyah has shown her commitment to ensuring the development of good policy for cannabis operators both locally and across the state by serving on:

California Growers Association -Board of Directors – Treasurer
Active role on both the CGA Policy and Co-Operative Development committees
International Cannabis Farmers Association
Supporting efforts advocating for good policy for Sun Grown Cannabis Cultivators
California Cannabis Voice – Humboldt – Board of Director, Treasurer
Responsible for developing the first Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance for Humboldt County

Sequoyah hopes to continue being a part of developing sensible regulation and reducing barriers to entry for all operators to achieve success in the California marketplace and moving forward into the developing inter-state and international marketplace.


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