Ron Lincoln

Born and raised on the Round Valley Indian Reservation in Northern California (Mendocino County) Ronald have worked to preserve traditional and spiritual ways for over 30 years. Ronald has also fostered the re-emergence of respect for indigenous peoples’ way of life that honors our mother earth and her resources.

Reviving lost cultural arts and language is a passion for Ronald, which has inspired his engagement in activities for the last 30 years as a member of tribal councils and tribal governments. For example he has worked to reclaim access to sacred lands where medicinal gatherings can take place in multiple areas.

Ronald has been honored to participate in the opening blessing ceremonies of festivals such as Earth Dance, Health & Harmony Festival, Reggae on the River, Gaia Festival, and the Oregon Country Fair, Area 101 Other activities include representing ancestral heritage in Elder Council Talks, and the first Fort Ross Coast Miwok/Pomo gathering, first 2013 Emerald Cup at Santa Rosa, Ca. These gatherings raise awareness of the power of oral traditions in passing down wisdom and healing knowledge, to empower upcoming generations.

His home is on the Round Valley Indian Reservation. The reservation was established by the U.S. Federal Government in 1856 after a forced march to Fort Wright. The conditions of the march were especially harsh for the Wylackii, Konkow, Pomo, and many other tribes, including the Ohlone natives located in the San Francisco area and others from the Mount Shasta region.

Such sad chapters in the nation’s history underscore the maligned view that was imposed on the traditions of the indigenous people. Traditions that Ronald seeks to challenge as his life’s mission and work assigned by the Creator.