Risks and Benefits of Various Extraction Methods & Keys to Laboratory Safety

Ever wonder about the risks and benefits of various extraction methods? And what can employers do to ensure a safe environment in the workplace?  Join Dr. Jahan Marcu for this fascinating workshop that discusses the pro’s and con’s of various extraction methods and the key safety considerations associated with each.  Dr. Marcu’s presentation will shock and awe attendees with real life photos and footage showing ‘what can happen when something goes wrong’ and how to reduce these risks. Dr. Marcu travels around the world to assesses cannabis operations for regulatory compliance, and will be offering first hand insights regarding the cost of violations associated with these accidents, OSHA violations and general failure to address workplace safety issues. Dr. Marcu brings over 10 years of cannabis chemistry, pharmacology, and regulatory experience to this event. The results of his recent CBD extract safety study, published in the Journal  of the American Medical Association and covered by TIME magazine, will be discussed.

Speaker: Dr. Jahan Marcu