Prohibition’s Unhealthy Side-Effects: “Red Tape; White Lies and Blue Laws”

Well-documented as a botanical medicine for over 5,000 years, the cannabis plant has recently revealed human endocannabinoid receptors.  Detailed knowledge of the plant’s chemistry and how this receptor system works within us have challenged anecdotal reports of its use and abuse.  While under its Federal Prohibition, increasing evidence-based data supporting medical cannabis’ safe & effective compassionate use in healthcare, has become the subject of intense scientific and legislative scrutiny.  This encourages a timely bioethical re-evaluation of prohibition’s effect on both cannabis’ research & education.  Jeffrey S. Block, MD is a Board-Certified Clinical Anesthesiologist; Fellowship trained in Pain Management & Addiction Medicine; and an accomplished plantsman.  Please join Dr. Block for an enlightening discussion highlighting the many challenges prohibition presents to practicing MD’s looking to responsibly help their citizen-patients.

Speaker: Dr. Block