Pesticide Regulations in California, Reducing the Risk of Pesticide Contamination and Strategies for a Pest Free Farm

As farmers head into 2018 faced with the implementation of rigorous testing regulations it’s going to be important that farmers know what to expect in regards to pesticide regulations including the legality of pesticide use, safety and compliance requirements associated with pesticide applications.  As farmers work to adhere to the State’s regulatory program, they will be forced to transition away from the use of most common pesticide products in exchange for safer, tolerance exempt products, biologicals and clean practice standards.  Join us for this educational panel designed to help attendees understand what will be expected of them as far as pesticide regulations are concerned, and how to successfully navigate the new regulatory paradigm with effective compliant pest solutions.

Speakers: Brian Leahy, Lydia Abernethy, Ron Whitehurst, Josh Wurzer, Eric Bradstand