Patrick Seifert

Founder & President of Twenty22Many 2014 – Present Creator of the 22-RVC (PTSD Rescue Vape Cart) Former Owner and Operator of Rainier Xpress (Medical Cannabis Dispensary – 2011- 2016)

Patrick Seifert is a proud U.S. Marine Corp Veteran. He served his country during the first gulf war but was never in combat. Prior to getting into Veteran and Medical Cannabis activism, Patrick taught Self Defense and worked in the Private Security Industry for most of his life.

Patrick was brought to Cannabis from early childhood use and ultimately a car accident that got him addicted to Pain Killers. In late 2011 when Patrick opened his Medical Cannabis shop he witnessed first hand exactly what this medicine did for him and his PTSD as well as the broken, both physically and mentally.

From day one Patrick catered to Veterans. From the “Wall of Honor” (Photos of our Rx Veterans displayed proudly on the wall in the shop) up to the 1 FREE ounce of medicine per Veteran per month. Twenty22Many was officially born out of Rainier Xpress.

First things first, Patrick went to the capital to investigate why PTSD was not on The List of Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis Use in Washington State. He and a group of Combat Veterans immediately went to work with help from Mike Krawitz and Kari Boiter both who mentored him through the legislative process.

Ultimately, Patrick hand delivered a PTSD Bill authored out of the office of Sen. Kohl-Wells to Military Veteran Sen. Hobbs on the floor of the Capitol. Within 72 hours Sen. Hobbs agreed to champion the Bill, amazingly the Bill came out of the Senate without a single no vote and the legislature passed the bill with SB-5052 and added TBI to boot!

Proudly, the Bill we submitted is now law in Washington State, because of the hardwork and testimony from the Twenty22Many Veterans. Through education and powerful testimony given to legislators we were ultimately successful. Patrick then became the very first Veteran with PTSD to receive an authorization in the state.

Now, Twenty22Many’s mission is simple. “By All Means Necessary – End Veteran Suicide”. We must as a nation use absolutely everything in out tool box to fix the current Veteran suicide epidemic. That includes having Medical Cannabis as an option to all Veterans everywhere in the United States. It is our goal to accomplish this through empowerment programs, battle buddy awareness, education, fellowship and most importantly love.

“I will not rest until all Veterans have safe and legal access to Medical Cannabis in every state.”

Every man and woman that served their country was prepared to give their life at any point. We must be prepared to save their lives by all means necessary when they return home. Anyway you want to look at it, when you lose 20-22 human lives a day (not including active duty) that is by definition a failed system. That system has a name and it’s called the VA.

Today you can find Patrick working on his 22-RVC (PTSD Rescue Vape Cart) project and advocating “Safe Access” for all Veterans. He is currently working towards a bill that will allow Phantom Limb Pain to be added to the list of qualifying conditions, as well as supporting and educating Veterans in need at his downtown Olympia Headquarters. He believes solidarity nationwide is the key to ending the Veteran Suicide Epidemic. At the rate of 22 Veteran suicides a day we can’t afford to wait until the end of Cannabis Prohibition. Safe and reliable access to cannabis for every Veteran in every state is absolutely vital.

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