Patrick Anderson

Lead Educator – Project CBD, Patient Consultant – Emerald Pharms, BudMaster – AbsolutExtracts

Drinking Earl Grey tea with his grandmother as a young child, Patrick Anderson unknowingly strode down the plant path explicably into the realm of medical cannabis advocacy and education.  

As a lead educator with Project CBD, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of cannabis, a patient consultant at Emerald Pharms, a solar-powered medical and adult-use dispensary located at the Real Goods Solar Living Center, in Hopland, California, and the BudMaster of AbsolutExtracts, a pioneer in medical cannabis products located in Santa Rosa, California, he embodies the reality that the cannabinoid takeover is upon us.

A steadfast believer in the power of excessive Yerba Maté ingestion generally paired with the sonic profundity of non-stop Drum and Bass music, Patrick educates through proclamation of the medical science and esoteric essentiality of overstanding the endocannabinoid system in order to reclaim autonomy over one’s health and wellbeing.  Fusing a former professional education career with the intention to provide unobstructed theoretical access to cannabis therapeutic potentials, Patrick educates throughout California and the country in dispensaries, condition specific patient centers, senior living communities, and in personal consultations with individual patients.  

Complementing the medical science of cannabis, the educational platform Patrick operates from incorporates knowledge of medicinal herb and mushrooms synergies, diet, and myriad of practices that have been discovered throughout the ages to inspire vitality and well being.  These include surrounding oneself with proper sound systems, embracing academic benders, occasionally barreling down the hallways of always, remembering beer is the original social media, and to carry a shield of laughter through the assimilation process of legal cannabis.   


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