Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Elizabeth and Nicholas Mahmood, Owners, founders and farmers for Green Source Gardens, are on a mission to change agriculture into a practice that cleans and enhances the environment while at the same time deepening a relationship to the natural world. They believe that regenerative methods and systems are the answer to restoring health to the planet’s abused and overused lands.

Green Source Gardens has a passion for alternative agricultural practices and have built their business on a foundation of earth care. The mission of Green Source Gardens is to promote and exemplify practices that are pushing the limits of what is possible with regenerative agriculture. By ecologically integrating our farming practices to the workings of the natural environment we begin to carve a path toward rehabilitation and planetary remediation. We strive to work with and heal the abuse of ecological neglect that is a result of modern culture. Our gardens represent what is possible when you give your trust to natural processes and accept that our role as humans is to steward our home the Earth with the utmost care.



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