Nicholas Savedra

Known to most by his nickname “Happy” or “Hap” Nick is an organic cannabis cultivator and extract artist specializing in “solvent free” ice water hash. As a past entrant, and winner of several cannabis competitions Happy is an informed and experienced adjudicator who knows not only how it feels to put out hard work, but also knows the high standards that should be placed upon the quality and effectiveness of the competitions elite. He has been on the panel of judges for the emerald cup for past 4 years.

Happy is an avid proponent of the medicinal benefits of the Cannabis plant and CBD. After a car collision in 1997 and subsequent broken arm he was recommended various opiates (Prescription RX) that left him nauseous, constipated, amongst other side effects. His little brother had recommended that he should try Cannabis to help with the pain and trauma. Happy did some research and turned to cannabis and was amazed at the immediate improvements, not only in physical healing but the psychological improvements as well. Ever since happy has taken to organically growing for his own medical need and spreading knowledge while managing several different dispensaries in the 707 area. During his tenure at these places Happy spent most of his time working to improve awareness on the benefits of CBD and the entourage effects of THC helping to educate patients on a daily basis.


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