Music Lineup

Mistah F.A.B

Since his childhood, Mistah F.A.B has channeled rapping and poetry with empowering messages and universal beats. He is celebrated for his unique style and breakthrough hits like “Super Sicc Wit It,” and is known as a key figure in Oakland’s HYPHY movement.

Mistah F.A.B.'s versatility extends to various roles: rapper, stylist, local business owner, activist, philanthropist, and father. As a community leader, he advocates for systemic change through vocational mentorship, life coaching, and philanthropy, contributing to numerous non-profit organizations and efforts that help to give back and uplift Oakland communities.

We’re excited to welcome Oakland’s very own Mistah F.A.B to the stage at this year’s 20th Emerald Cup celebration.

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The Grouch & Eligh

Captivating listeners with their truthfully poignant raps and commanding stage beats, The Grouch & Eligh have been performing their powerful rap beats worldwide for nearly 30 years.

The Grouch & Eligh have released over 20 projects within their respective solo careers, including as a successful duo and part of the hip-hop supergroup they co-founded, Living Legends.

We’re thrilled to welcome The Grouch & Eligh to the Emerald Cup this year and look forward to their electrifying live performance and stellar production!

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Keith Stroup/Founder NORML

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Los Rakas

Los Rakas are turning the current Latin hip-hop world on its head. Panamanian cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun give a spin of hip-hop, plena, reggae, and dancehall music to the Bay Area, Latin urban communities, and beyond. In 2016, Los Rakas released their self-titled, second album earning them a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album.”

We’re stoked to welcome this Oakland rap duo to the Emerald Cup this year, showcasing some of the most exciting Afro-Latin dance music on the planet!

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Keak Da Sneak

As a rapper from Oakland, Keak Da Sneak is best known for being the king of #HYPHY. He’s collaborated with other legendary Oakland artists. His hip-hop music and deep roots to the local cannabis culture and scene have greatly influenced the community, partnering with the Sacramento dispensary Hyphy Collective Co. We’re thrilled to welcome Keak Da Sneak to this year’s 20th Emerald Cup!

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Zuri Marley

Zuri Marley is a young Jamaican artist embracing her cultural roots & family’s music legacy of love. As the daughter of Ziggy Marley and granddaughter of Bob Marley, Zuri Marley has created her own multi-faceted sound and style in the world. Her music leans into an electro-pop vibe, as she influences the world with her creative eye for fashion, beauty, DJing, and music.

We can’t wait to dance and sing with Zuri Marley at this year’s Emerald Cup event in Oakland!

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King Isis

King Isis proudly defines themselves as "the queer, Black genre-bending afrofuture you don't want to miss". King Isis alternates between sensual vocals and energetic rapping, soundtracked by a warped alt-R&B beat.

Born and raised in Oakland, King Isis’ relationship with music goes deeper than most. They were taught to play on the same piano owned by their great-great-grandmother Omega King, one of the first Black opera singers in Chicago, and the reference point for Isis’ musical moniker. Their belief in the communal healing power of music aligns deeply with the Emerald Cup, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to this year’s celebration.

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Femme Deadly Venoms

Through the frequency of the Divine Feminine, Femme Deadly Venoms (FDV) aims to be this generation's Hip-Hop feminist manifesto. FDV uses word, sound, the power of music and messaging to influence and catalyze change. Featuring, Aïma the Drmr, Breathless, Dakini Star and Lady Fingaz, FDV is here to uplift women and femmes in all facets of the music industry. Get ready to groove with Femme Deadly Venoms at the Emerald Cup in August!

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DJ Davey D

Starting as an emcee in the Bronx, Dave “Davey D” Cook has been involved with hip-hop since 1977. Today, as an award-winning journalist and hip-hop artist, Davey D is leading the Bay Area with musical sounds of funk and freedom. As the co-founder of the Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition and the radio show Hard Knock Radio, Davey D also teaches hip-hop, African American music, and Black creative art history at San Francisco State University.

We’re excited to bring Davey D’s rich history, powerful music, and hip-hop experience to this year’s 20th Emerald Cup celebration in Oakland!

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Ngaio Bealum

Ngaio Bealum has been on all the major networks and was the cannabis expert on the Netflix show "Cooking on High". He has a razor sharp wit, an engaging and friendly stage presence and a five star rating on Ticketmaster.

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While Brazilian natives Papiba Godinho and Dandha da Hora bring their profound knowledge and respect for the roots of Afro-brazilian song and dance, the entire band has developed a type of samba-reggae-funk with a universal appeal. SambaDá musically unites the Americas, drawing from percussion based styles of South and Central America, and blends it with that good old funk and reggae back beat so familiar to crowds of North America.

For over twenty years, SambaDá has been mixing contemporary sounds with the roots of brazilian culture. Papiba is a master of Capoeira, an Afro Brazilian martial art form created by Brazilian slaves, which draws on music and acrobatic movements. Dandha was born into the rich Afro Brazilian traditions of Salvador, Bahia and the Carnival Group Ile Aiye, and started her dancing career at age 6. Ilê Aiyê has been in the forefront of Civil Rights in Brazil, promoting equality and justice, and is widely recognized as the first Afro Brazilian BLOCO or group to perform in Brazil’s notorious Carnival celebrations.

The other members of SambaDá come from a wide range of styles, generations and sensibilities. What unites this band from such diverse backgrounds is a magic that can be felt by both the band and the audience.

The band of SambaDá unites from such diverse backgrounds – it’s a magic that both the band and the audience can feel. We’re thrilled to welcome them to this year’s cultural celebration at the Emerald Cup in Oakland!

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Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist

As a Bay Area resident hailing from New York, Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist (aka Renoir) made his mark as the founder of True Skool (est. '99), a music brand of Hip Hop legends and emerging artists that has now evolved into a music entertainment guide and event marketing company. As a DJ,  Ren is known for his eclectic and diverse musical selections and he is a highly respected and influential figure in the hip-hop and music community, known for his passion, creativity, and commitment to preserving the legacy of hip-hop. We’re stoked to welcome Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist to the Emerald Cup!

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As a Hip-Hop artist and Social Justice activist, Sellassie is a Bay Area musician influencing the world through the power of his beats. Sellassie is also the creator of The Rap Contest, the original song competition for up-and-coming hip-hop artists to showcase their new material for prizes. We’re thrilled to welcome back Sellassie to the 20th celebration of Emerald Cup!

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Emcee RadioActive

As a luminary in the world of Hip Hop, Radio Active is celebrated for his exceptional talents that span across multiple facets of the music industry. As a crowd-controlling emcee, freestyler, songwriter, and master beatboxer, poet and painter, he serves as a dynamic embodiment of the positive energy that defines Hip Hop culture, both through his music and his visual art. We look forward to our Emcee Radio Active navigating us through a fun filled weekend of cannabis and music culture at the Emerald Cup. See you in Oakland!

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Taso (TekLife)

Taso (Teklife) is a hot rap artist from Los Angeles, an electronic and techno mastermind and music sensation mixing beats and sounds for audiences across the globe. Roll up for good vibes and easy beats with Taso (Teklife) at the Emerald Cup in Oakland, August 17th & 18th.

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Ganja D

Ganja D comes from Humboldt’s very own Rebel Grown. From the award-winning genetics in Southern Humboldt, Ganja D is mixing contemporary beats and pulsing music that’s known for shakin’ down the Emerald Triangle. Join us in welcoming Ganja D at the 20th Emerald Cup in Oakland this August!

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Oakland Interfaith Choir

The Oakland Interfaith Choir is on a mission to inspire joy and unity among all people through Black gospel and spiritual music traditions. Through soul, power and their inspiring song, the Oakland Interfaith Choir influences and transforms lives around the community, uniting people across differences and promoting the power of love. We look forward to celebrating the power of music with the Oakland Interfaith Choir this August at the Henry J. Kaiser Center For the Arts in Oakland.

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