Mighty Mickey

Mighty Mickey Medical Marijuana Maverick and The Emerald Cup’s Ambassador of Goodwill When Mickey first landed in the Emerald Triangle in 1981, the war on pot was in full swing. One inhale and you could go to jail. But that didn’t stop Mickey. He had just quit booze at the age of 40 (“What made Milwaukee famous made a loser out of me,” he explains) and his doctor suggested that a toke or two or more might ease the way. So he smoked that reefer and breathed in the fresh air and ate all the great organic food that the region had to offer. That Old School activity did the trick. Mickey became Mighty—energized, healthy, and uproariously happy. Thirty-seven years of consecutive joints and Mickey has made it through the war and out the other side. Spend thirty seconds with the guy and you’ll realize he hasn’t aged a bit. His advice to the rest of us: “Love one another and smoke the best weed you can find—that’s what makes it all go around.”


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