Max Meyers

With over 31 years growing Organic Cannabis, Maximillian Meyers is one of the most experienced in the field. His work in regenerative Cannabis cultivation has been a foundation for others over the last 3 decades. He has helped growers reduce water needs by 75%, reuse soil each year, feed soil and plants using worm towers, and eliminate pest and mold problems without any need to buy products! Mr. Meyers is a Regenerative Cannabis Grower/Consultant, Ecological Designer, Permaculture Teacher, Master Composter, Registered Aquaculturist, Aquaponic System Designer/Installer, Farmer, and the creator of “Green Your Grow”, the world’s first complete curriculum on Regenerative Cannabis Farming. He founded Green Your Grow in 2016 and quickly got to work installing California’s first public Regenerative Cannabis demonstration garden at the Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA. This garden has served as a living classroom and demonstration where over 100,000 visitors per year can see Cannabis grown in harmony with nature without the need for store bought fertilizes, products or chemicals. Through his work as an instructor of Permaculture and Ecological Design he has successfully trained over a thousand students from more than 40 countries world wide. In addition to the work at Green Your Grow, Mr. Meyers provides Ecological design services to the public, organizations, and schools through Osiris Designs and Nor Cal Aquaponics. He is passionate about all things related to a more just and sustainable world. Most recently Mr. Meyers helped write the guidelines for the newly formed California Fish and Wildlife Aquaponics subcommittee. He has been studying, practicing and teaching Permaculture and Ecological Design for 22 years.

Mr. Meyers has designed and installed “Beyond Organic” Cannabis gardens all around California. From small backyard growers, to Commercial Cannabis Greenhouses, to running the world’s largest 222 acre “Flow Through Aquaponics Farm” in Costa Rica, Max Meyers is one of the most experienced professionals out there! He and his work have been published in Gaia’s Garden, the world’s best selling book on Permaculture and featured in Time Magazine video as well as a variety of other publications, radio and television programs.

We are excited to have him joining us as a presenter at this year’s Emerald Cup!


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