Matt Scott

Founder, President and Master Cultivator for Humboldt Nation Farms and Undertow LLC. This farm is fully permitted at the county and state level. Matt has been a resident of Garberville, California for the past 16 years and was born and raised in Newport Beach, California. He serves as the Founder, President and Master Cultivator for Humboldt Nation Farms and Undertow LLC., a Patient Focused Certification- approved sustainable off-the-grid outdoor medical and adult use cannabis cultivation facility. He is a committed father of three teenagers and has coached his son’s baseball team for 8 years. He also has served on the Salmon Creek Community School’s Board of Directors, and volunteers for PTA events. No stranger to advocacy work, Matt is also the founding Treasurer for Humboldt Growers Association (2009) and Emerald Growers Association (2012).

Over the past seven years, Matt has built and diversified the operations at Humboldt Nation Farms, increasing the annual harvest from a single crop per year to two and often three harvests annually, while reducing nutrient and amendment use by nearly 65%. Passionate about soil building, Matt has transitioned Humboldt Nation Farms into the low-input farm by perfecting the use of compost teas, cover crops, mulches, and a rigorous Integrated Pest Management program. Completely off-the-grid, Humboldt Nation Farms uses customized low profile greenhouses, with manual light deprivation systems to obtain multiple crop cycles for its 10,000- square-foot cultivation area. The farm’s solar array powers the minimal of supplemental light used in the nursery operations, while solar fans keep the air circulating during the flower period. Water for the farm is provided through a rainwater and storm-water collection system, eliminating the need for groundwater use for crop irrigation. Matt help found TeloMin Corporation. The company produces a high end non psychoactive CBD capsule. He has worked in developing voice technology software for Speech Morphing Inc. Matt was one of the first investors to invest in Kush Bottles Inc. Matt is a co-founder of Humboldt’s Finest, a cannabis brand that caters to high end users of both medical and adult use cannabis. Matt is part of the effort along with Sanctuary Forest to save the Van Arken Community Forest by committing to buy an acer or more per year. Matt is also the co-founder of HCM Inc. HCM is currently in possession of 3 Humboldt county permits for nursery operations, distribution operations, and manufacturing operations. The facility is approximately 90,000 square feet and currently in operation along with a engineered and permitted buildout for the necessary expansion.

Matt also holds a second-degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do and also is an avid big wave surfer. He is mindful of fitness and nutrition and brings his passion for well- being to the work he does in the cannabis industry. In addition to his 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience, Matt has helped in the creation of medical products, such as Cannamin, a high CBD freeze dried juice product available in capsule form, and Bumble Bee Oil products featuring additive free extract products. As founding Treasurer of Humboldt Growers Association and Emerald Growers Association, he has worked closely with local officials on the developing sensible cultivation and dispensing policy.


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