Kristin Heidelbach-Teramoto

Kristin Heidelbach-Teramoto is a 15 year veteran of the Teamsters and currently heads the Teamsters’ State of California Cannabis Division. Kristin is also an International Rep of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and works closely with cannabis industry professionals, across the country, to meet compliance and ordinance requirements mandated by local, county, and state regulations.

Her role in the industry has been praised by political, labor, and industry leaders as she educates and empowers individuals that support fair wages and benefits in the industry. Kristin regularly works with employers and entrepreneurs to connect their businesses with local government. She also works with employees to advise them on their roles and responsibilities as these businesses transition into the developing regulatory environment.

Kristin has been asked to testify before many of the City Councils, Boards of Supervisors, and State Legislators on workers rights and the benefits of a partnership with labor. She has also been a frequent resource for many businesses requesting information about how to meet the compliance requirements in their own local jurisdictions.

Kristin lives in Sacramento with her husband and three children. Although most weekends you’ll see the entire family in any of California’s 58 counties advocating for common sense regulations on behalf of cannabis professionals and worker rights.


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