Jacob Policzar

Jacob is the Co-founder and Director of Science and Strategy of The Cannabis Conservancy, which has developed the first sustainability certification for the Cannabis industry and whose mission is to empower the industry to achieve environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Jacob is also a member of the team developing the Sun + Earth Certified regenerative cannabis program. Prior to TCC, Jacob has worked professionally in the fields of environmental management, agriculture, ethnobotany, and sustainability. Previous work has included national and international farm management, agricultural pollution research, and alternative energy adoption. In 2009, Jacob founded his first company, Urban Environmental Innovations, to focus on small business sustainability implementation and urban agricultural projects.

Jacob obtained a M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management through the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus MESPOM consortium with a focus on urban agricultural sustainability. He earned his permaculture, eco-village, and natural building design certificates from the Center of Creative Ecology in Israel. Jacob is currently a committee member of the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, NCIA’s Cultivation Committee, and ASTM D37 Standards Development Committee. Throughout his career, Jacob has strived to find innovative and pragmatic solutions to the world’s complex environmental problems and is now applying his knowledge and experience to address the environmental issues pertaining to the cannabis industry.


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