Jacob & Karla Johnson

Jacob Johnson and Karla Avila have been celebrated for their accolades in the worlds of Cannabis, Regenerative Agriculture, and the Fine Arts. Together they operate Flowerdaze Farm, an award-winning regenerative permaculture farm and 3-acre family homestead nestled along the South Fork of the Trinity River in the magnificent Hyampom Valley, dedicated to authentically preserving natural farming traditions and handcrafting the purest quality artisanal medicine in complete harmony with nature and the cosmos. They specialize in regeneratively-grown cannabis holistically cultivated in small handcrafted batches and preserved at its finest moment, and are committed to maintaining an interconnected farm organism that creates abundance through its own fertility generated entirely from local and onsite inputs, utilizing only homemade, farm-sourced, closed-loop systems of fertility without any commercial inputs. Irrigation is provided entirely by rainwater collection, delivered passively via siphon and enlivened with vortexes.

In 2017 Jacob and Karla were awarded The Emerald Cup First Place Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award for their commitment to their practices, their distinguished quality, and service to their community. Flowerdaze Farm served as a model of environmental stewardship for the development of Trinity County’s commercial cannabis cultivation program, and in 2018 served as the model pilot farm for the development of the Sun and Earth Certified Gold Standard, one of the most stringent beyond-organic certification standards in the industry. Flowerdaze Farm continues to serve as a demonstration farm for regenerative agriculture education and the preservation of natural farming traditions from around the globe. Jacob and Karla have both led professional careers in classical music, and though on hiatus from the world stage, still enjoy artistic collaborations on the farm, including the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival, now in its eighth season bringing free world-class classical music to the Emerald Triangle.


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