Is your cannabis garden overfed and undernourished?

Is more nutrient and higher N-P-K numbers really better for production?  Studies show that industrial agriculture, mined amendments and over fertilizing all pose significant risk to the environment.  Not to mention the fact that these products are expensive!  Join moderator Matt Scott, for an educational session designed to help provide attendees with easy to implement tools that reduce the impacts and costs associated with commercial farming while ensuring that a high quality and environmentally friendly product is produced.  We’ll be joined by long-time organic and biodynamic farmer Wade Laughter; low impact cannabis farmer Justin Calvino, dry farmer Sunshine Johnston and Emerald Cup Garden co-founder Aubrey Karcey for this exciting and educational farming panel.

Speakers: Wade Laughter, Justin Calvino; Sunshine Johnston, Aubrey Karcey, Matt Scott (Moderator)