Hollie Hall

Hollie Hall, PhD is a soil and water scientist with expertise in providing Cannabis farmers the support needed to transition farms into environmentally compliant, water secure, regenerative agricultural systems. She draws from two decades of experience in natural resources management, global studies of agricultural practices and training in adaptive water resource management to design, coordinate and implement “beyond compliance” solutions for Cannabis farms. She works with government agencies, non-profits and the private sector to integrate the needs of society, government and environment to drive the establishment of Cannabis farmers who implement watershed-friendly practices that reverse the negative impacts of historic natural resources extraction practices.

Her professional goals are to redefine the dominant societal perspective of Cannabis industries via participation in development of farm management systems, breaking of barriers between farmers and government agents and participation in policy
development processes. In addition to operating two natural resources consulting firms, Hollie serves as an Executive Board Member for the International Cannabis Farmers Association, an Advisory Committee Member for the Mendocino Appellations Project, a Humboldt County Fish & Game Advisory Commissioner, and a Technical Advisory Committee Member for Earth & Sun Certified.