Heavy Dayze

Heavy Dayze is a trailblazer within the cannabis industry – a young, passionate and educated wearer of many hats including Breeder, Podcast Host, Scientist, Activist and Teacher.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, he established himself within the Australian cannabis scene in late 2014 and worked quickly to become both a prominent breeder and intellect, who sought to share his knowledge with the wider community. With a background in science, he began writing articles catered to the Australian audience, to both educate about the pitfalls within the wider Australian cannabis landscape and inspire listeners about the benefits.

Heavy Dayze attempts to breed a new generation of cultivars worthy of a spot in any library. He is a vocal proponent of growing organically and has been an advocate and teacher of using organics as a gateway to living a more holistic lifestyle. He is also one of the few Australian breeders whose work is sold on both a domestic and international level.

In early 2016 he started ‘ The Pot Cast’, a long-form interview podcast focusing on cannabis history, growing and breeding. The show quickly earned a reputation as one of the premier cannabis podcasts alongside the likes of the Adam Dunn Show. Featuring a plethora of world recognized names – including Duke Diamond, SkunkVA, Bodhi, DJ Short, MeanGene, Adam Dunn, and MrBobHempHill – he treats his loyal fanbase to more than just an engaging discussion; he takes us on a truly unique and entertaining journey.


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