by: Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Plants and Humans are the descendants of micro-organisms and live in a symbiotic relationship on this planet. Since plants and humans have the same origins their similarities are vast. In modern times we have grown apart from our earthly connection and natural cycles.  If we shrink our brain down for a moment and look at the world through microscopic thought, it is easy to realize that everything is created, charged and still existing because of micro-organisms. Many earthly macro organisms act as a hotel for micro-organisms.

Healthy humans have over 3 lbs. of living organisms in our gut and healthy soil have more in one handful of dirt than stars in the sky. If we are made up of these living organisms, it is safe to say that they can dictate much of what is going on from moment to moment, day to day and ultimately, generation to generation? You could walk into a basement and breathe un benefical fungi spores and start vomiting and becoming sick right away. A tea could be made for soil that had a consortium of beneficial microbes and 1 hour after that tea was given to the plants, they respond very positively. A baby born vaginally swallows and soaks up microbes from it’s Mother’s birth canal which is necessary to inoculate a new intestinal tract for an entire life. These are examples of the power of microbes. A healthy human body contains a consortium of microbiology that is almost identical to a healthy handful of soil. Our planet and it’s ancient microbial inhabitants have very important lessons for us. When we undermine Mother Nature and her biological intelligence, we are creating a false sense of well being and complacency. Through this backwards thinking, we are destroying ourselves and the planet.

With the end of WW II, we entered a petroleum based world. This time period marked a huge decline in environmental health and human health. With the creation of synthetic fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and plastics, beneficials in our soil, air and water has steadily died off. This die off of positive, life giving microbiology has caused pathogenic microbiology to soar. This pathogenic takeover or infection is heavily lending to a serous decline of the earth’s and our own biological intelligence. Since 1943, cancer has risen 900% worldwide. We cannot notice this rise without noticing the huge use of petroleum based fertilizers, fuels and packaging. These chemical polymers then make their way into our water systems. This cycle has become a tragedy to our lands, sterilizing all of our farm land’s soils.  We are now trying to back step and cure a sick world with more chemical Symptomatic Indoctrination. This is has brought rise to allopathic and synthetic agricultural practices, which are not focused on healthy microbiology. This is when a ailment or problem is seen as a isolated issue and only treatment of that issue in the norm. This almost always involves killing or eradicating the pathogen through chemicals. This creates a domino effect on, not only, eradicating the problem but also the eradicating solution. A pharmaceutical antibiotic can kill the pathogen and in it’s wake, also wipes out probiotics which have the instinct to kill the pathogen. Spraying a systemic pesticide can kill a large portion of harmful mites. It also kills leaf cyanobacteria which ensures a healthy leaf surface for predator insects and microbes. Symptomatic practices are a symptom of disharmony of the whole. How are we going to make good choices toward total cures if we do not have the higher intelligence to do so? Does healthy soil equal a healthy body and healthy regeneration? I believe that it does. How are we going to look beyond our limited brain capacity unless we make microbial changes to expand our brains toward positive solutions?

When we or our soils are out of healthy balance, the louder voice takes over. In a case of unbalance, the louder voice may not always be the more intelligent voice. When you have a colony of pathogenic yeasts or fungi, they create thoughts that become louder than your own innate intuition. You might start to crave sugars and eat them all the time. Is this your innate, healthy intuition? or the yeasts and fungi needing food to continue to thrive and colonize? I think the later is correct because I see people who have very unhealthy diets that do not sleep, are riddled with ailments and think negative thoughts. They cannot conceive of changing their diet even though they know it will help them because the destructive pathogens have literally taken over their thoughts for their own survival. The inability to hear healthy truth leads to stress. Stress ensures pathogenic infestation because cortisol and other stress hormones release compounds that aide in a unfavourable host environment. How can we change the tides and be stronger than the evil voices within? ow do we force that positive change to create a larger, more worldwide beneficial intelligence? I believe that these microorganisms that outnumber us by beyond any number we can count to, are intelligent life forms. When someone is healthy, they have a healthy body and healthy thoughts. I do not believe that we can separate healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy humans from healthy microbes. Microbial colonies such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts, etc., are ever present everywhere.

Working with them and using them and allowing that  vital voice to be heard is the answer. This can only happen if we are actively creating a healthy microbiome for ourselves and our  soils. Microbiome encompasses the living organisms  and the environment that it lives in. It defines the entire energy, microbiology and surroundings/environment from a microscopic view. Regenerative life and farming practices support this positive change.

How can we create more a more positive Microbiome in our gut and our soils? Prebiotics/BioMass/Plant Material is the answer. Closed loop living and farming can truly heal our world’s diminishing beneficial microbiology. How can we decrease the pathogenic infestation that is plaguing us? Cut off the food supply to them and then add a beneficial army to help finish them off. We can do this, as individuals, by cleansing, eating a healthy diet and reducing our stress through positive thought practices. We can do this in our gardens by growing more biomass plants for soil making and garden teas, creating closed loop systems. Prebiotics are imperative to healthy soil and a healthy gut biota.

A Prebiotic is a food source for microoganisms. Different food sources draw different microbial populations. It is like using particular bait for a particular fish. Cabbage is a great example to understanding prebiotics. It draws lactic acid bacteria when it is eaten or fermented. Now, we need to ask ourselves, What do positive microbes like to eat and what does pathogenic microbes like to eat?  Adding the correct prebiotics to our diet, soils, garden teas and mulching draws the microbial colonies that you are baiting. Plants are wonderful food to ingest and put into our garden teas. Organic, green material is a wonderful source to draw health. When we incorporate plants into our soils and bodies, it is less likely that any unbeneficial microbe can penetrate and even less likely they can colonize, simply because they do not feed off of healthy plant material. Staying away from processed foods and processed “nutrients” is the key because that is what makes pathogens thrive. Pathogens love an acidic environment filled with sugars and chemicals that kill their competition. Adding more positive microbiology to our body and our soils and teas is also very productive. A vast array of ally species are ideal because diversity is key to longevity. When you go to the store, you can buy probiotics which are usually made up of lactobaccillus, bifidus, or other beneficials that are made by fermenting or in a lab. We know that these beneficials can only survive in our hostile gut for up to 72 hours. That may be enough time to help acute indigestion or if taken daily, can heal numerous digestive issues. But, these beneficials do not go any further than the digestive tract. What about beyond your gut? What about cancer? Heart disease? Depression? Hormonal imbalance? Sterile Soils? Pathogenic Algae blooms? I believe that all of these maladies are caused from a imbalance of ally colonies.