Glass Artists

With consistent growth each year, The Emerald Cup has continued to mirror the ever expanding landscape of the cannabis community. With a strong connection to the community and the culture that surrounds it, The Emerald Cup has maintained its position as the most prestigious cannabis event each year. A large part of this is the partnership we share with the glass community. Once seen as taboo or an underground culture has now become in some ways the epicenter that drives much of the movement into the light and out of the darkness. We all remember the first glass pipe we saw, and how there were “pipe makers” and then “glass artists” like Dale Chihuly…and now some of the most notable glass sculptors make pipes. This movement with the glass world has so much energy surrounding it today it truly is incredible. The role glass art plays in this community is precisely why The Emerald Cup collaborates with artists each year to create unique and special trophies to be given to the winners of the competition. We strive to bring some of the most talented visionary artists together to make all of our trophies each year, and this one is no different. We are so excited with what these artists are putting together; brand new designs being shown for the first time, unique collaborations, and attention to detail for each category to make this competition one to remember.

Such a remarkable set of awards are being put together for all of this years competitors that we will have the trophies on display for all attendees to appreciate before our heroes claim them during the awards ceremony.


Born in Michigan in 1976, Banjo experienced both rural and urban environments through childhood. He focused on art history, photography and sculpture while at college. Here he would learn how to craft guitars and banjos before dropping out to avoid the rigidity of a fine art education and career. For over two decades now, Banjo has been consistently pushing the limits of functional glass art. Known for his incredibly well sculpted pieces as well as their functionality, it would seem his skill set is limitless. Blending his fine art knowledge with his beautiful spirituality, Banjo continually shows us what many believe was out of reach for a once taboo art form. Being well known for his interdimensional biomechanical goddesses and deities, he represents the balance between the technological and spiritually visionary energies around us. Having been in shows displaying works alongside such visionary fine artists as Alex Grey and Luke Brown furthers this proof that there is no end to the path of glass art, just more beginnings. Always finding himself near the center of the art and cannabis cultures it’s no surprise that he was one of the first artists ever to work on awards for The Emerald Cup. The masterpieces he creates have always been awards or trophies to the collectors that eagerly wait to see what direction he decides to go next. #Banjoglass

Claire Lipton

One of the best drawers (and surfers) in the game it’s always a warm feeling to see Claire’s work. She makes technical work that shows the skill at hand while still keeping it laid back and fun, something very hard to accomplish. That fun spirit comes through in all her work and collaborations. We are very excited to see what she has in store in the near future. @clairelipton

Leisure Glass

Luke Wilson – Known in the pipe making community as one of the best at producing high quality scientific glass pieces, Luke has
been on the torch for the greater part of two decades in the great state of California. Whether you are talking about his solo work or collaborative work you can always feel the Socal counter culture influences in his art. We are more than excited to see what Luke has in store for us this year for the awards show and for the demo he will put on for the public. @leisureglass


2BA possesses a rare never ending desire to push the limits. Pushing the limits on his work as well as the entire industry’s, Alex’s use of color, light and shape have inspired many over the years. His newest limit-pushing work, the living light sculptures are sure to splash the art community with a much needed injection of energy. We really can’t wait to see what the future has in store for 2ba and his work, the progress is sure to always keep us watching along the journey. @alexubatuba

Shurlok Holm

With an ever growing skill set for putting images and drawings to life with glass we will be seeing more and more of Shurlok in the years to come. His ability to instill nostalgia while keeping it current with his heady teddy pieces is perfect. Pieces of art that connect you to more than just the excitement of a pipe, but he excitement of Christmas morning, opening a present, or just the comfort of a familiar face before bed. His work ethic in preparation for the collaborative awards he and Darby put together is something special. The graveyard of flips that didn’t make the cut should inspire any artist to give it your all no matter what. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for him in the future.

Darby Holm

Hailing out of Southern Oregon is one of the glass pipe cultures most treasured artists, Darby Holm. Drawing and painting on anything and making shirts is truly the past of an artist who will not stop until they find their medium, and glass is definitely his. Known for his easily identifiable cactus color pulls and spiritual desert inspirations, you know when it’s his work in a piece of glass. There is a special feeling when you see dychroic work on a piece of glass, then there is the feeling when you see it done by Darby. His work is unmistakable and has always been a favorite within the culture. Unmistakable and never ceasing, his creations can be seen in almost every major collectors’ collections. His talent, versatility and creativity have made him one of the more sought after collaborators. He is a great example of the adaptation and determination needed for a career spanning over twenty years. It is a dream come true to be able to work with him again as The Emerald Cup celebrates its 15th year. #Darbyholmglass

Erin Bourgornin

This year we don’t have just one of the best drawing glass blowers, we have two of the best. Hailing out of the PNW Erin’s style is unique and recognizable on any shelf, table or chain you’ll come across. You can’t say it lightly and you can’t mince words, Erin B’s ability to draw with glass makes it look easy. Her effortless style disguises the amount of skill and talent that goes into each piece. The smooth lines and well balanced symmetry make it hard to believe sometimes it was made by hand with glass. Pay close attention to this artist over the next few years as she stays pushing and progressing her art. @erin.bourguignon

Ravi Das

Ravi Das – A true artist at everything, whether its surfing, glass, or any form of creation he really shows his love and appreciation in
anything he gives his energy to. His use of primary colors and rainbow stacked lines shows his focus and unique ability to make any piece special with the smallest details. You can notice Ravi’s work across any session room or glass pipe event with his signature arrangement of vibrant colors. His ability to invoke positive energy into those who appreciate and collect his work is undeniable. @RaviDasglass


With around 20 years working on glass, his career has spanned multiple eras within the borosilicate culture. Going to the torch straight out of high school, Lord wasted no time perfecting his craft. Using some of the cleanest lines and shaping in the artform, many of his pieces can seem almost machine made. Leaning heavily towards a raw industrial feel, Lord’s work always finds that balance between the rough and refined.


Dwreck is an artist that is very good at using glass as a medium. You wouldn’t think to just call him a glassblower. His creations and imagery show on canvas just as well and that comes through in the glass art. His sandblasting/engraving work is some of the best in the game. Combining energy from music and other cultures bending genres and putting that into your art is an accomplish that he has achieved time and time again. We are extremely excited for the work and energy he brings to The Emerald Cup.

More Glass Artists To Be Announced