By: Jesse Dodd

Respect to all of the seed stewards out there! The health of our future, medicine, food and native ecosystems is stored in seeds.
Growing cannabis from seed – under the sun, in living soil – is a great way to reduce the environmental impacts of cultivation. It also gives us a greater potential to find new medicines and resources, while preserving traditional healing practices at the same time. In this way, seed breeding can unlock the door to the future, while seed preservation can hold the treasure chest of the past.
We at the Emerald Cup love plants and all that they do for us. For us it is clear: the future, as was the past, is regenerative.

Know someone doing this kind of amazing work? Tag your favorite seed cultivators, breeders, preservationists, banks, native plant nurseries and anyone who promotes a brighter future through working with seeds of all kinds. Or just take a moment give thanks to plants and all the gifts they bestow us – we owe so much respect to them and their seeds.