The Emerald Cup began as a friendly contest and has always been a reflection of societal acceptance of the cannabis plant.

From the early years of low-key, insider-only competitions where many farmers still concealed their identities for fear of prosecution, to the epicenter of loud and proud cannabis culture it has become today, the Emerald Cup remains a steward of authenticity, a celebration of the farmer and the harvest, and a destination for all those who seek the finer things in life.

Rooted in the rugged mountains of the world-famous Emerald Triangle in Northern California, the Emerald Cup proudly carries on an 18-year tradition of celebrating the cannabis plant, the culture surrounding it, and the farmers who bring it to harvest each year with the iconic Emerald Cup Awards.

The California cannabis market is the largest and most diverse on the planet and the Emerald Cup has long stood as the premier competition, celebration, and direct-to-consumer marketplace for the best that Cali has to offer.

It has been a crazy couple of years for live events, the Emerald Cup included. It has taken a lot of hard work and creativity to keep the Cup kickin’. In 2021, we threw the coolest cannabis celebration of the year with the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball. In 2022, we take the show on the road down to Los Angeles to party for the highly prestigious Emerald Cup Awards.

In 2023… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see but we plan to go bigger and better than ever before and we want you along for the ride!

What are the Emerald Cup Awards?

The Emerald Cup Competition & Awards is the foundational aspect of our annual events, offering a transparent and trusted chance for California’s best cultivators, extractors, movers, shakers, and cool-product-makers to put their best head-to-head against the rest.

The world-renowned Emerald Cup Awards presented by Boveda and PurePressure by Agrify is excited to announce that our highly anticipated 2022 awards ceremony will be held in the historic Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Now in our 18th year, the Emerald Cup continues to pursue our goal of creating a memorable and unique entheogenic experience for our competitors, judges, speakers, and guests.

“Our journey to the 2022 Cup has been further elevated and we are excited to bring our esteemed awards ceremony to a historic Hollywood venue for an experience that our community will always remember and cherish,” says Emerald Cup founder, Tim Blake.

Coverage of the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards at the Montalbán Theatre will be provided by ALTRD.TV. Fans across the world can catch all speakers, panels and the ceremony. 2022 coverage is part of their expanding Emerald Cup Channel with over 100 pieces of original programming to date. Emerald Cup continues to be one of the premier live event and education partners on the network.

With the Emerald Cup flag planted firmly in both northern and southern California, fans of the full-spectrum Emerald Cup experience with our world-famous marketplace and more can expect to see it return soon.

When do the Emerald Cup Awards take place?

The Emerald Cup Awards show will take place on Saturday May 14th, 2022 at The Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood California. This is a private, invite-only occasion due to capacity restrictions.


5:30pm: Doors
7-9:00pm: Emerald Cup Awards in Main Theatre
9-3:00am: Emerald Cup Awards “After Dark” – Music, Cannabis, Small Bites & Drinks in the Mezzanine & on the Rooftop


Where do the Emerald Cup Awards take place?

The Emerald Cup Awards will take place at the Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California, on Saturday, May 14, 2022, which is only a 2-minute walk from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The venue address is:
Montalbán Theatre
1615 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028

For more venue information, visit:  https://www.themontalban.com

Where is the Montalbán Theatre?

The venue address is:
1615 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028.

For more venue information, visit:  https://www.themontalban.com

I thought the Emerald Cup Awards were supposed to be at Green Street Fest, why did they move?

In light of changes to their venue, hosting the ECAs wasn’t conducive to our need for a stage to host the Award show and our Exhibit of ECA entries and trophies. That said, we wish our friends at Green Street all the best for their event and we encourage our community to check out the best of both on May 14th  – we will be at both in solidarity to our leaders and community in the cannabis industry.

What is the neighborhood like around the Montalbán Theatre (in Hollywood)?

The Montalbán Theatre, situated near the famous crossroads of “Hollywood & Vine” and Hollywood Vinyl District is walking distance to many Food, Shopping & Boutique Hotel Options from street food to elegant foodie restaurants, infamous dive bars like The Frolic Room or celebrity filled rooftop lunch or dinner at  The Highlight Room @ Dream Hollywood, Cannabis Pick Up & Delivery down the street at or LifeFood Organic Marketplace for vegan organic bites & goods.

Surrounded by Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, between Schrader Boulevard and Gower Street,  the District lies just outside of Hollywood’s main tourist district, yet feels worlds away. The Hollywood Vinyl District is intended to offer a fresh perspective on the cultural and historical heart of the music industry, inspired by music legends, artists and innovators who have long graced its streets.

Why are the Emerald Cup Awards separate from the traditional Emerald Cup post-harvest celebration (festival)?

In December of 2021, the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball served as the first stop on the “road to the cup” to the Emerald Cup Awards (celebrating our best of 2021 competition). This 18-year tradition dates back to the days well before recreational cannabis sales were regulated, when a few dozen folks from the most secretive corners of the Emerald Triangle would gather as anonymously as possible to compare the best samples from their annual outdoor cannabis harvest in a friendly competition.

Today, the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards will recognize winners from 50+ categories covering the full spectrum of the cannabis marketplace. Their entries were scrutinized by more than 80 of the most diverse crop of expert judges ever assembled who tapped into their wealth of experience with the plant, along with in-depth testing results from SC Labs, to determine who really has the best of the best in California cannabis.

This human element is at the root of the Emerald Cup and it is our contestants, our judges, and our attendees that continue to inspire our commitment to cannabis culture preservation.

Our reasons for changing up the December tradition for the competition were two-fold:

  1. By pushing the intake date and the competition itself back on the calendar, farmers had more time to properly harvest their outdoor cannabis crops, giving them ample opportunity to dry and cure their samples before entering them. This is a direct result of feedback in action – we hear you.
  2. Since the Emerald Cup’s roots run so deeply in the cannabis culture, everyone from CEOs to connoisseurs are keeping a close eye on which brands and products take home Emerald Cup Awards. With the stakes higher than ever, this new timeline allows us to be more deliberative in the testing and judging processes, ensuring a fair and accurate competition.
What are the Competition Categories that are represented at the 18th Annual Emerald Cup Awards?

A full list of Emerald Cup Competition Categories can be found here, along with definitions.

Why do I keep hearing about Terpenes in regards to the Emerald Cup Competition?

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC certainly matter, but ongoing research has revealed that robust terpene content along with cannabinoid content is the real winning combination. In fact, the Flower entry with the highest level of THC has never won the Emerald Cup! We have long known that proper flavor and aroma are required to achieve desired effects, now we have the science to prove it. For the 18th Annual Competition, The Emerald Cup joined forces with PhytoFacts® and SC Labs which resulted in the Emerald Cup Cannabis Classification System based on PhytoFacts® powered by SC Labs. Learn more about it here.

Can I purchase tickets to the Emerald Cup Awards?

Unfortunately not this year. In normal non-pandemic times, the Emerald Cup Awards are a part of our larger Emerald Cup celebration – an annual festival which includes music, panels, speakers, brands, art, spectacles, and yes – the Emerald Cup Awards show (aka The Academy Awards of Cannabis – Rolling Stone) at mainstage. Due to the pandemic we were forced to change the actual competition dates which prevented our Award show taking place this past December when we had the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball in Santa Rosa. Going forward, the general public will be able to attend the Emerald Cup Awards when we unite the Award show with the Emerald Cup (festival) in 2023 in Los Angeles, CA.

If the Emerald Cup Awards are invite only, then how do I get on the invitation list?

The invite list for The Emerald Cup Awards in May includes only our judges, contestants, and sponsors this year. If you fall into one of those 3 groups you will be getting an invite. No invites will be made available to the general public sadly, but will be programmed on ALTRD.tv with special behind the scenes exclusives, panels and awards show during an Emerald Cup Channel take over end of May. For those not able to attend in real life (IRL) in May we look forward to inviting and seeing you to our next event.

Age Restrictions? How old do I have to be to get into the Emerald Cup Awards?

You need to be 21 & over with a valid state issued ID and/or passport to gain entry to the Emerald Cup Awards show.

I’m over 18 but under 21 years old. Can I get into the Emerald Cup Awards with a valid Medical Cannabis Card?

Unfortunately not, You need to be 21 & over with a valid state issued ID and/or passport to gain entry to the Emerald Cup Awards show.

Getting to the venue. Parking options, and ground transportation near the Montalbán Theatre

​Ground Transport & Parking is in abundance in the neighborhood. Self Parking in Garage recommended. The garage right next door to the Montalbán and less expensive options nearby. You can also try the following:

Plan on driving? Use Parking Wiz for price options
Taking a bus? LA DOT Bus information
Taking a train? Metrolink information

Uber / Lyft / Taxi operate in the area but cost is dependent on time of day and traffic.

What hotels are near the Montalbán Theatre (the Emerald Cup Awards venue)?

Though the following hotels are not official Emerald Cup partners, the following hotels are our suggestions on where to stay:

The Godfrey Hotel | 1400 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323-762-1000

Mama Shelter | 6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323-785-6600

Tommie Hollywood Hotel | 6516 Selma Ave Los Angeles, California, 90028 | 323 871 1234

Dream Hollywood Hotel | 6417 Selma Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028 | 323-844-6417

W Hollywood Hotel | 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 | 323-798-1300

Thompson Hollywood Hotel | 1541 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323- 465-1234

Will there be an afterparty at the Emerald Cup Awards?

Yes of course – It’s not the Emerald Cup unless there’s a party! That said, the Emerald Cup After Dark afterparty is invite only and not open to the general public. This is a private event.

Will I be able to watch the Emerald Cup Awards online via live stream or archival stream?

​The Emerald Cup Awards will not be viewable as a live stream. However, our partners at Altrd TV will be showcasing an archival stream soon after the Award show. Keep your eyes on our website or sign up for our email list – we’ll be making an announcement about the Altrd TV archival stream as soon as we have all of the details on the release date.

Am I required to be vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test in order to attend the Emerald Cup Awards?

The answer is no. That said, we will be required to comply with any local, state or federal health guidelines if anything changes before the event. As of now all state mandates have been lifted. We will notify our attendees in advance should anything change. In the meantime, be safe out there!

Will the Emerald Cup ever return to Northern California?

The Emerald Cup has never left Northern California! We take our roots very seriously, and our ultimate goal is to represent our community on the biggest stage in the biggest marketplace,  where our community can be heard.

Additionally, our plans are to continue our tradition of hosting an annual post-harvest party in Northern California. We know where we come from.