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For 15 years the Emerald Cup has been showcasing Northern California’s premier cannabis destination while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming. Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, cannabis competition in the world.

In this editorial series, DCN had the opportunity to speak with each of the first place winners to showcase who they are, their mission and what it takes to compete in one of the industries most respected cannabis events.

Meet The Humboldt Cure

The Humboldt Cure started as a family grow tradition, spanning over four decades in the world’s most renown region of craft sun-grown cannabis. With this on-going family tradition, they have mastered the craft of cultivation and harvesting which is no surprise they have become well-known for their award-winning cannabis flowers such as Zombie Fields and the Punch Berry strains. They have received awards over the past few years in some of California’s most notable cannabis competitions and events such as The Emerald Cup, the Blazer’s Cup, The High Times Cannabis Cup, Kushstock, Dabathon, Happy Place (Chalice), and Local Sesh.

In many cases, their award-winning flowers are also then processed into award-winning cannabis concentrates.

At The Humboldt Cure, they only use sustainable methods in the cultivation of their flowers. All of their flowers are sustainable farm-grown outdoor cannabis using mixed lighting techniques amongst other methods that are proprietary to their family farming traditions.

In addition to being at the forefront of cultivation, their vast and in-depth experience of processing craft cannabis strains is exemplary through the quality of their beyond sustainable flowers. As always, all of The Humboldt Cure’s cannabis flowers are lab tested and fulfill all of the strict guidelines and regulations that fall under Prop 64.

And now they have evolved into a full-scale licensed operation.

The Interview 

DCN: Humboldt Cure placed 1st in the Concentrate Diamonds Award! How does it feel?

The Humboldt Cure: Its an honor to win such an award from one of the most prestigious Cannabis events in the world.

DCN: The Humboldt Cure was in collaboration with Joe Fasho Genetics, Murder Mountain and the Humboldt Cure Blend Diamonds, I would love to learn more about how this collaboration ensued and how each came together to develop this concentrate?

The Humboldt Cure: Joe Fasho is the CEO and founder of both THE HUMBOLDT CURE and MURDA MNTN.

DCN: How long has the Humboldt Cure been around?

The Humboldt Cure: The Humboldt Cure was founded on 02-05-15 and began marketing last quarter of 2016.

DCN: What does the Humboldt Cure have in store for 2019?

The Humboldt Cure: Opening a distribution facility in order to purchase local farms harvest to be sold under The Humboldt Cure.

DCN: Over the past few years, your company like many others in the cannabis industry have faced many changes, what has it been like building a compliant company?

The Humboldt Cure: Its as if you stare death in the eyes every morning when you wake up. This sort of realization keeps us pushing our hardest not to fail.

DCN: DCN is a business to business digital news network, giving a voice to cannabis startups, and sharing the stories of entrepreneurs in this industry, we may be a business focused media outlet, but one thing we strive is to make sure that as the cannabis community evolves into an industry. We don’t want to lose the WHY we are all here, and that is because of this plant, what is one important message you would like to share with our readers?

The Humbolt Cure: Remember it’s up to the end user which companies will be around in the future. Vote with your dollars for the mom and pops who founded industry when you choose which products you buy!

DCN: Thank you for taking the time to share more about the Humboldt Cure. Congratulations again! 

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