Emerald Cup week on Social Club TV is here. Starting on Tuesday we’re taking over the platform with a daily dose of speaker panels and fireside chats. This is truly the launch of the Emerald Cup channel. For years we’ve had the finest possible conversations gracing the Emerald Cup stages, only to see them fade away. This year we’ll be broadcasting to folks all over the world. After the trials and tribulations of the past year, I’m more excited about this year’s awards ceremony than ever before.

We’ll also be presenting some of my favorite performers – Micheal Franti, Ziggy Marley, Melissa Etheridge, Adullah Saeed, and many others will keep you moving and grooving. Our combined teams have created stunning virtual worlds for Taylor, Abdullah, and me to play in. With over 20 topics, we are presenting cutting edge discussions on a wide array of subjects, ranging from genetics, terpenes, regenerative farming, psychedelics, social justice, social equity, and many more. These timely discussions will live on the Emerald Cup channel forever. Ziggy Marley, Chelsea Handler, Robert C. Clark, John Roulac (producer of Kiss the Ground), Winona LaDuke, Todd McCormick, Lorne Gertner, Dennis Mckenna, Krayzie Bone, and a vast pool of world class talent will be educating and inspiring our community and the public at large.

The awards ceremony itself will feature 175 awards in 38 categories. With over 75 judges, the competition has grown beyond my wildest imagination. This year’s team of judges was, by far, the greatest we’ve ever assembled. You won’t want to miss the ecstatic winners being called out on Sunday when we air the awards ceremony. We broke down the flowers competition into terpene profiles this year, which was like going back to school and learning a whole new language. I learned how many more Terpinolene and Ocimene terpene dominate flower entries there are compared to past years; how the dessert cultivars like the Gelato’s and the Wedding Cakes are still dominating, and how the palettes of the consumers are evolving and driving the farmers to search for the next great strain. Data is becoming a critical aspect of our industry, and the folks at SC Lab’s will be showing us the latest trends and where things are headed.

This year we allowed indoor grown cannabis into the competition as well as hemp flowers. We also added a best of show award, with the winners of the indoor, mixed light, and sungrown flower contests going toe to toe against each other. With the almost unbelievable upgrades in auto flower cultivars, we’ll be adding that contest to the mix for next year. The judges across the board unanimously felt that the entries were better than ever, including the packaging and branding. Hats off to all the entrants for really stepping up your games.

There have been benefits to delaying the entries and the awards ceremony this year, such as moving back the deadline for entries to the end of January, with the ceremony being presented in early April. It gives our contestants more time to finish the late flowering cultivars as well as providing more time to cure their buds. It also gives our judges much more time to spend with the entries. Covid has forced us to do what we should have done years ago. We’ll have a live stream of the event from here on. In doing so it’s giving us the opportunity to reach folks across not only our country but the rest of the world as well. Of course, we still look forward to our in-person harvest celebration at the Sonoma county fairgrounds in Santa Rosa on December 11 th and 12th , but for now, everyone is in for a pleasant and entertaining surprise when they watch our broadcasts. We’ve gone to great efforts to ensure no one will be changing the channel.

Viewers will need an account on Social Club TV because of the age gate. It is free, simple, and quick to register. We’re making it “add free” for the Emerald Cup Week. The free signup allows you in but you can also sign up for 90 days of premium service for free and then it will stay commercial free even after the Emerald Cup Week ends on April 12th . Check out TheEmeraldCup.com and Social Club TV for more info and look for our social media posts. Join us in another magical celebration of our farmers, product makers, speakers, and performers. It’s only a click away – See you there!

Life is about constant change and evolution. Our community and industry have seen more than their fair share over the past several decades. Things are finally starting to settle down and the future is bright, with federal legalization of cannabis imminent. A global marketplace is blossoming. More than ever, cannabis is needed in every aspect of society. She’s here to serve, inspire, and educate us with her knowledge. With the support of medicinal psychedelics, the wounded hearts and souls of humanity are being healed. I give thanks for all of Mother Earths natural medicines. The age of Aquarius is here and the dawn of peace on earth shall prevail.