In December of 2021, the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball served as the first stop on the “road to the cup” to the Emerald Cup Awards (celebrating our best of 2021 competition) which will take place in Los Angeles, California on May 14th.

This 18-year tradition dates back to the days well before recreational cannabis sales were regulated, when a few dozen folks from the most secretive corners of the Emerald Triangle would gather as anonymously as possible to compare the best samples from their annual outdoor cannabis harvest in a friendly competition.

Today, the Emerald Cup Awards will recognize winners from 43 categories covering the full spectrum of the cannabis marketplace. Their entries will be scrutinized by more than 80 of the most diverse crop of expert judges ever assembled who will tap into their wealth of experience with the plant, along with in-depth testing results from SC Labs, to determine who really has the best of the best in California cannabis.

This human element is at the root of the Emerald Cup and it is our contestants, our judges, and our attendees that continue to inspire our commitment to cannabis culture preservation.

Our reasons for changing up the December tradition for the competition were two-fold:

1. By pushing the intake date and the competition itself back on the calendar, farmers had more time to properly harvest their outdoor cannabis crops, giving them ample opportunity to dry and cure their samples before entering them. This is a direct result of feedback in action – we hear you.

2. Since the Emerald Cup’s roots run so deeply in the cannabis culture, everyone from CEOs to connoisseurs are keeping a close eye on which brands and products take home Emerald Cup Awards. With the stakes higher than ever, this new timeline allows us to be more deliberative in the testing and judging processes, ensuring a fair and accurate competition.

Today, the Emerald Cup Awards stands as a fan-favorite aspect of our events as our incredibly diverse and experienced roster of Judges, along with deeper analysis than ever before by SC Labs, converge to offer an air of legitimacy to the award winners that is otherwise lacking in the culture and the industry.

Our reasons for moving the Emerald Cup Awards are also multifaceted, but the fact is that the California cannabis market is struggling due to overbearing regulations and taxes, and the longstanding regional divisions that exist in such a large state and marketplace are not helping anyone.

We really are stronger together and while our roots remain in the Emerald Triangle we know that by exposing the enormous Los Angeles marketplace to our Emerald Cup family of legacy and regenerative brands we can open minds and open the market to its true potential.

Come and see for yourself in May when we pull up to L.A. with the best cannabis in Cali along with the hard-working winners who brought it to market.