Doug Bench

Doug is a retired lawyer & former judge, who after retirement over the last 10 years, has written several books helping people to greatly improve the performance of their brain. His most successful book is “Do It Yourself Brain Surgery”.

But more recently Doug was diagnosed with a terminal disease (COPD). Doug’s wife, refusing to accept this diagnosis, found through extensive research that Cannabis Oil could treat this ailment.
Doug, although very reluctant, started taking cannabis oil & has now been declared symptom free by his doctor, and is in the best health of his life.

In his days as a Judge, Doug was a very strict, prohibitionist jurist for marijuana offenses, putting over 300 people in jail for such violations. But now circumstances, research & education provided by his wife, have caused him to understand that he was wrong, and led him to do a complete 180 on medical cannabis. Along with his wife Jan, a very repentant Doug has started the “Rethink Green Education and Research Company” and the Rethink Green Foundation and is now an advocate for the benefits of medical marijuana; spending every waking hour educating and advocating for its legalization and national acceptance as the miracle medicine it is. Doug and his wife have homes in Marion County, Florida and Longmont, Colorado.


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