Daniel Stein

Born to back to the land homesteaders in Humboldt county and raised in rural Hawai’i, Daniel has been around small diverse family farms his entire life. In college he studied engineering, art, soil science, and environmental studies. He has worked in various agricultural jobs including lettuce farms, permaculture retreat centers, and educational veggie farms. Daniel always helped to support his food farming habit with small scale cannabis cultivation. After moving back to Humboldt in 2000 to continue university, Daniel began to restore his family’s dilapidated homestead. While developing the farm and growing a 215 garden, he started to experiment with how cannabis fit in with other crops and how to apply the principles of sustainable farming to a crop that was previously hidden in the bushes. Daniel and his wife Taylor officially started Briceland Forest Farm, a production veggie farm, in 2010. While farming for local markets they continued to learn and develop methods to productively cultivate their small farm in harmony with the land stewardship principles they hold dear. Learning from diverse schools of methodology, they have found practical ways to grow food and cannabis together at efficient production scale while working to improve soil and plant health and reducing the environmental footprint. In 2016 BFF began to move out of the shadows and share its cannabis growing openly with the emerging legal market, leading to BFF receiving the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at the Emerald Cup in 2017. Recently, Daniel and Taylor have hosted educational tours and spoken publicly of regenerative farming and the power of diversified farms to improve ecosystems and local food security. Daniel looks forward to continuing to learn about regenerative farming and sharing the knowledge, fresh healthy food, and quality medicine with his local community and beyond.



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