Dan Mar

Pushing a lawnmower across the geometric lawns of suburban sprawl in southern California since he was 10, Dan joined the regenerative movement in 1997 as a way to offset his massive carbon footprint. Intrigued with how natural systems operated, such as forests and tide pools, he began his journey into Permaculture design. With a deep background in science, Dan has sought out any opportunity to apply academic methodologies within natural settings to find harmony between the constructed and natural worlds. Over twenty years later, he has an extensive repertoire of regenerative knowledge and practices that he shares with anyone who will listen.

Dan Mar is the co-director of Regenerative Cannabis Farming and the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award that provides information, inspiration and acknowledgement of the regenerative farming practices of cannabis cultivators throughout California and Oregon. He is the co-owner of High Tide Permaculture and Compliant Farms Certified, both of which have provided him with the opportunity to assess, design and restore hundreds of farms and landscapes. His connection to the academic sciences led him to teaching high school for fourteen years, and it is his passion for education that still drives him to provide learning opportunities for others through his work and volunteering in his community.

Dan sees a brighter future for the environment and humanity through the implementation of simple, cumulative regenerative practices. If we are worried about too much carbon in the atmosphere, then we need to get it in the ground.


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