Dale Hunt

Dr. Dale Hunt is a plant scientist, a patent attorney, and a Cannabis attorney. He has worked his entire legal career helping plant breeders, ag companies, biotech companies, and universities protect their plant varieties and other inventions.  He has worked with his clients to develop and execute strategies to commercialize their plant varieties and other inventions throughout the world. Dale has also devoted a significant part of his practice to helping his clients understand and avoid the risks created by the patent rights of others.

The common thread in all of Dale’s work is that he loves using his science background and his legal training to help his clients achieve commercial success and avoid the pitfalls that can derail a small company or a good idea. He has worked with many early-stage companies and universities, and has helped three companies take their original idea from a single patent application all the way to an IPO.

Dale has degrees in Botany (BS), Plant Genetics (MS), Molecular & Cellular Biology (PhD), and Law – IP emphasis (JD). He counts both Berkeley Law and UC San Diego Biology as his alma maters. He is a partner in the San Diego office of Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP. Dale is a legal advisor to the Open Cannabis Project (opencannabisproject.org) and proudly supports its mission, in part by founding and maintaining MJPatentsWeekly.com.  He also has a blog for plant breeders at plantlaw.com.


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