Thank you for your interest in entering the 15th Annual Emerald Cup competition! 2018 has been a huge year of change in the California cannabis industry. The Emerald Cup staff has been working hand in hand with regulators and compliance experts to structure the most compliant and all inclusive competition in the country.

This year, the Emerald Cup is excited to include new categories for licensed products that reflect the changing cannabis industry and the latest methods of accessing the benefits that cannabis has to offer. We are also expanding the flower categories to incorporate the Personal Use grower, allowing an opportunity for everyone with a talent for growing top quality cannabis to participate.

As with every year, the Emerald Cup prides itself on being an organic cannabis competition and is beyond proud of the high quality products that are entered into our contest, proving again and again that California is home to the best cannabis and cannabis products in the world!

Contest Intake Dates:

October 15 – November 18, 2018

Entry FEE: $500

Included With Contestant Ticket:
● Weekend pass to The Emerald Cup 2018
● Merchandise voucher valued at $25
● Contestant laminate

Drop Off Locations:

To be coordinated upon application

2018 Award Categories:


Licensed Cultivator

Mixed Light

Personal Use Cultivator

Mixed Light

Sungrown definition: Outdoor Cultivation: Cultivation of mature cannabis without the use of artificial lighting in the canopy area at any point in time; artificial lighting is permissible only to maintain immature plants.

Mixed Light definition: Cultivation of mature cannabis outdoors or in a greenhouse where supplemental lighting can be utilized.

Best in Show Flower

Winner of licensed vs winner of personal use

Breeders Cup






Live Resin Carts



Concentrate Definitions

Solventless: extraction using ice and water. This category includes dry sift.

Distillate: using a distillate such as alcohol after an extraction.

Shatter / Badder: Traditional hydrocarbon extractions.

Rosin: Ice water hash that is followed by a secondary heat process.

Sauce: hydrocarbon extract focusing on preserving the terpenes during extraction.

Live resin carts: hydrocarbon extracted sauce/terpenes placed into vape cart or blended with another extraction into the vape cart

CO2: extraction using C02

Diamonds: a further step in a hydrocarbon extraction using secondary process to assist in the separation and formation of thc-a crystals, which are then reintroduced into the terpene portion.

Lifetime Achievement

Bob Snodgrass Award


Photo Contest

To enter to the photo contest, please send a single submission to It is FREE to enter!


Photo Submission Guidelines:
The last day to submit is November 16th, and voting will open November 19th, 2018. Winners will be chosen on November 26th and their work will be displayed at The Cup! Please include the following: Name, Photo title. Optional – subject material (bud type, location, etc.) Photo specifications: 300dpi, Smallest printed dimension – 24″, Largest printed dimension – No more than 36″, What kind of content we are looking for: Plant, Product, Agriculture, The beauty of cannabis, Cannabis lifestyle.

Photo contest is free to enter. It does not include a weekend pass or merchandise voucher. You may pick up your Contestant Laminate at contest check in at the event.

Contest FAQs:

Eligible Entrants:

Any currently licensed cannabis
business and personal use flower growers.

Entry Acceptance:

Entry amounts:
1. Flowers: 3 oz
2. Concentrates: 28 half grams
3. Infused: 28 samples (sample sizes or full sizes accepted)

Licensed Cannabis Contestant:

● Any licensed cannabis producer is able to arrange their entry submissions through their licensed distributor.
● Current lab tested inventory held with a licensed distributor can be submitted as a contest entry.
● There is no limit to the number of entries any one entity can have.
● A licensed distributor is able to schedule an appointment to drop off their licensed contestant’s entry at Healing Harvest Farms.

Appointments will be made through:

All licensed producers entries dropped off by their distributor must be clearly
labeled with:
● Licensed producer/Contestant name
● Product name
● Printed copy of online entry form
● Proof of Contestant ticket payment

Head Judges