Chelsea Lucich

Chelsea Lucich Co-Founder and Director of Emerald Pharms

Drawing upon a decade of mastering the medical cannabis dispensary arts, Chelsea Lucich is presently the Co-founder and Director of Emerald Pharms, a solar-powered medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary and resource center located in Hopland, California, at the Real Goods Solar Living Center.

During her tenure in the medical cannabis realm, she has worked at four different dispensaries in Northern California, including managing several forward thinking dispensaries in the Bay Area. After becoming involved at managing a compassion program at Capital Wellness in Sacramento, she went onto become a shift lead manager, edible buyer, and inventory ordering manager at CBCB, a premier medical cannabis dispensary located in Berkeley. From there, Chelsea was brought in to manage and oversee the opening of Phytologie, a ground-level research and development based medical cannabis dispensary for Phytecs, a world renown botanical and medical science research group.

Chelsea’s experience in the medical cannabis realm coincided directly with the advent of access to CBD-rich chemovars and medicines created from them. To her, this revealed that medical cannabis possessed an unbounded potential of therapeutic possibility, thus resulted in an immense shift in her own awareness and practice. With the help of Project CBD, the global nucleus of information about cannabis therapeutics and an organization in which Chelsea is an official representative, education became paramount to the dispensary experience. The focus and purpose shifted to reside in Endocannabinoid System Realization, the totality of health and wellness which cannabis plays an essential role, and how this information could be shared with patients to tap into their sources of healing and vitality while simultaneously freeing up the plant for world-wide access.

With this emphasis on education and compassion, Chelsea has fused these intentions with her passion for aesthetic and design, inspiring welcoming dispensary environments for all patients. Within this global perspective shift regarding cannabis, design has proven to be essential as a means to dispelling fallacious and programmed stigmas, reintroducing the holistic intention and nature of medical cannabis dispensaries, and inspiring those seeking cannabis as a medicine. This has led Emerald Pharms, the dispensary Chelsea currently directs, to receive distinction as the Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary in California and Best Cannabis Destination in Californiain two respected and reputable national publications.


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