Taking Care of our Community from the long lasting effects of the Cannabis prohibition

Emerald Cup Charities’ mission is to Empower and Care for our broad cannabis communities through Community Empowerment, Health and Vitality, Policy Change, and Education.  We do this by donating funds, cannabis, and booth space to raise awareness at the Emerald Cup events in the areas of:

  • Supporting ecologically sound farming practices and healthy lifestyle choices,
  • Caring for and providing cannabis medicine for people dealing with serous sicknesses.
  • Knowledge is power and empowerment creates a strong community!
  • Policy change is needed to keep people out of jail, free the people who are currently incarcerated for non- violent cannabis related crimes, and support their reentry to be a fully functioning member of the community.

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own” -Caesar Chavez

The cannabis industry wouldn’t be where it is today had it not been for the tenacity and endurance of past cannabis advocates, who unfortunately, often ended up in prison. The cannabis prisoner population remains significantly high within the US and while legalization is gaining momentum nationwide, there are still thousands of people serving time for non-violent, cannabis related causes. Equally important is that many states like California, are making headway to free incarcerated people due to the changing laws and while it is a beautiful thing to see people being freed from prison, there is a lack of support for people to be reintroduced back into society. Employment training, communication skills, mental health support, and expungement recourses are required to be a fully functioning community member.

We feel strongly that a good community supports each other through hard times. It’s just what we do.

We are elated to collaborate with Cage-Free Cannabis as the Emerald Cup Charities’ feature organization for this year’s Emerald Cup! Cage-Free Cannabis is rooted in reparative, economic, and environmental justice for people affected by the war on drugs. A percentage of all Emerald Cup proceeds will be donated to Cage-Free Cannabis to support recently released incarcerated people’s reentry back into society. Specifically, the revenue will fund Expungement tool kits that make it easy to clear a prior incarcerated person’s record This will allow for formerly incarcerated people to participate in community activities such as volunteer at schools and enter into the workforce. The money will also go toward employment training and mental health support. We know that about 70% of released prisoners end up back in prison within 3 years. This is due to a lack of reentry support! We are committed to welcoming our formerly incarcerated people back and ensuring they are set up to be an active part of our community. EC Charities hopes to raise $30,000 this year, which will help welcome a lot of formerly incarcerated people back to freedom with the same opportunities as we all enjoy here in California!

We invite you to visit the Cage-Free Lounge at The Emerald Cup this year, on the corner of Linwood and Cottonwood, where you have the opportunity to experience an activity unlike any other by engaging in a virtual reality confinement experience that gives viewers a glimpse into imprisonment life in a solitary confinement cell!  The lounge will also host a petition signing booth and demonstrations of the Expungement tool kits. We welcome you to take a break, have a smoke, and chill at the Cage-Free Lounge while chatting with the organizers of Cage-Free Cannabis, many of whom are prior incarcerated folks.

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