By: Briceland Forest Farm 

Our cannabis culture has always at its roots been one that defies being boxed. The legacy market, by necessity, created a diverse array of techniques, strains and farms. The push to enter the regulated market as homogenized cookie cutter products is huge. Regulatory agencies, distributors and to some degree customers want us to turn this bright tapestry of small farms and homesteads into a cannabis factory pumping out name brand strains in nice neat measurable mono-cropped rows. We refuse to play that game. This refusal is not out of rebellion against, but out of respect towards a bigger force than human structures. Biodiversity is a term we hear a lot, but what it means to us is huge. Diversity is not only what makes this world so beautiful, but it is what makes it so strong and resilient as well. On a regenerative cannabis farm diversity can and should take many shapes. A diversity of plants sharing space promote optimal health for the plants and also lead to a diversity of insects and soil life. Economic diversity can come from stacking crops such as cannabis with veggies, flowers, herbs or other crops that can bring in some income and provide non monetary wealth to the farmers and community. Having a diversity of strains, growing styles and cultivation areas provide resilience for the farm and information and knowledge to share. The diversity of genetics let a farmer develop strains that do best with their microclimate and soil. This is the rich tapestry we aim to weave with regenerative farming, making the world a richer, more diverse, resilient, and adaptable garden. Keeping our culture a place where we thrive outside of the homogenization of industrial agriculture. You can gain knowledge and insight from this diversity. The Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award has had nine winners now and all of these farms have different growing practices, strains, climates and knowledge. Check them out on social media and see what they are up to. Reach out and ask questions and break out of the box of corporate cannabis!

Emerald Cup Regenerative Farm Award Winners
Photos of Briceland Forest Farm by biovortex drone shot by jasonhartwick