Brian Applegarth

Brian was raised in a home that believed immersive travel was the best education one could get. He was encouraged to explore the world, experience cultures, and discover the beauty of difference. Today, Brian has forty-eight stamps in his passport, and has lived/worked in multiple countries. Brian graduated from UC Irvine in 2002 with a degree in International Studies, and a specialization in conflict resolution.

Brian is passionate about the innovation and evolution of cannabis tourism and travel. Preserving cannabis history, celebrating cannabis culture, educating new arrivers, and removing lingering stigmas around cannabis are at the core of his efforts. He believes in bridge building with the already established travel and tourism industry, and communicating clearly and factually to re-educate people on exactly how cannabis improves quality of life. 2018 highlights include a featured speaker role at the California Hotel & Lodging Association conferences and a highly attended break-out session at the CalTravel Summit in San Diego.

Brian was the featured cannabis historian on NBC’s Green Rush Emmy Award winning documentary series. He also produced and directed his own series of cannabis short films, one of which features Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake. His 16 minute short documentary titled “The Secret Story: How Medical Cannabis was Re-Legalized in the US”, has been invited to and screened at five film festivals to date and won multiple audience favorite awards. It shares the extraordinary story of Father of Medical Marijuana Dennis Peron, Brownie Mary, and the passing of Prop 215.

Brian is the founder of Emerald Country Tours (the first cannabis tour company in the United States), The Cannabis Trail (a non-profit dedicated to preserving cannabis history and culture), and the California Cannabis Tourism Association (a state level trade association).
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