Brett Leonard

Brett is an award-winning Filmmaker/Futurist with over 25 years of Hollywood experience as a pioneer in both the development and use of new media technologies. He is widely recognized as a top thought- leader in Virtual Reality since introducing the concept and term to popular culture in his seminal hit film Lawnmower Man – Many pioneers and tech leaders of the emerging VR industry count Lawnmower Man as one of their key inspirations for creating the actual “reality” of this world-changing medium. Brett is a sought-after speaker for the rapidly growing VR/AR/MR industry, giving keynotes at events around the globe as a leading expert on defining interactive storytelling, and on providing an ethical framework for these powerful new mediums.

Brett was named by The Producers Guild of America as one of its “Digital 25”, recognizing the twenty-five leading visionaries, innovators and producers who have made significant contributions to the advancement of storytelling through digital media, along with other recipients which include James Cameron. Brett is currently creating innovative projects at his company Studio Lightship, which he co/founded with social media content pioneer Josh Shore, with the goal of defining the highest-quality content for the Virtual eXperience (VX) industry.


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