Bob Snodgrass Award

Borosilicate glass work is an art form that encapsulates the biggest era of change in modern american history. It is truly a large part of americana that has been woven into the fabric of cannabis culture and activism. From the concert lots of The Grateful Dead, to the walls and cases of fine art galleries, glass art has never stopped changing and progressing. One of the key innovators in american history who worked to spread the knowledge that gave life to this art form is Bob Snodgrass.

Often referred to as the Godfather of Glass, Bob is known across the world for his contributions to the glass art world and counterculture. Bob is credited as creating, or inspiring the creation of, the glass sidecar, the bubbler, the hammer and the modern day spoon via his potato pipe. He is credited as inventing color changing glass. Fuming is a glass blowing technique in which “lampworkers” vaporize silver, gold, or platinum in front of their flame. This releases fumes that travel up the flame and bind to the surface of the glass. Learning his fume designs through trial and error, he created new techniques still used today by many artists. Fumed glass possesses both transmitting and reflecting colors. This combination creates the opaque and gleaming quality fumed glass is renowned for. Having learned and then shared some of these techniques around the country with other artists, the glass pipe movement was put into full swing and forever changed the landscape for future artists.

Celebrating the best in our community has been one of the many strengths of The Emerald Cup throughout the years. We award our competition winners trophies for their work in the field helping to cultivate this culture. We celebrate the trailblazers and activists with lifetime achievement awards. We do this with the help and creativity of some of the biggest names in the glass pipe community. With this momentous 15th anniversary of The Emerald Cup we feel it’s time we honor the artist communities that have helped us show our appreciation to our heroes. The Emerald Cup is happy to announce the inaugural Bob Snodgrass Award for trailblazing artists who embody that innovative creative spirit. For this first year we will honor Bob himself. As we move forward into this new age of regulations and directions, it is of the utmost importance we honor the past. It is crucial to keep legacies alive that have helped shape our community and industry for the better. The more we stay connected to our roots the stronger we can grow moving forward.


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