Al Harrington

Al Harrington, Cannabis Entrepreneur

The lead investor and public face of the Viola Extracts and the Harrington Wellness family of brands, Al Harrington, is a 16-year NBA veteran and a current star player in Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league.

Despite being raised to stay away from “reefer” as a child, late in his career Al was convinced by a doctor to ditch the harmful pain medication he was prescribed to deal with the physical toll of a long career in the NBA and turn to cannabis for pain relief. But he wasn’t inspired to participate in the industry as an investor until he witnessed the healing powers of “miracle plant” on his Grandmother and his company’s namesake, Viola.

Moved by the transformation in Viola’s health and while living in the legal cannabis hotbed of Denver, Al decided to help found a medical marijuana business in 2014. Viola Extracts has since grown to be one of the premier concentrate brands in Colorado and is expanding rapidly into other states, such as Oregon, California and Michigan. Al’s Harrington Wellness brands, like Re+PLAY, bring innovative hemp-derived CBD products to the masses, and he plans to add low dose THC and CBD blended products to the menu via licensing agreements with state-sanctioned partners soon.

An incredibly hard worker, a committed citizen and entrepreneur, Al, is becoming a well-known voice of reason within the marijuana legalization effort, including fighting for opportunity and justice for fellow minorities, as well as building companies that create value for its shareholders.

A great view of Al’s business ventures, his personal story, his headline-making interview with former NBA commissioner David Stern, and the passion that he has for the cannabis movement can be witnessed in the amazing 2017 documentary, The Concept of Cannabis, produced by UNINTERRUPTED that was featured on ESPN and several other leading tv and print media outlets. Named a 2018 High Times Top 100 Influencer, Al’s voice can be heard


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