About Us

The Emerald Cup began as a friendly contest and has always been a reflection of societal acceptance of the cannabis plant.

From the early years of low-key, insider-only competitions where many farmers still concealed their identities for fear of prosecution, to the epicenter of loud and proud cannabis culture it has become today, the Emerald Cup remains a steward of authenticity, a celebration of the farmer and the harvest, and a destination for all those who seek the finer things in life.

Rooted in the rugged mountains of the world-famous Emerald Triangle in Northern California, the Emerald Cup proudly carries on an 18-year tradition of celebrating the cannabis plant, the culture surrounding it, and the farmers who bring it to harvest each year with the iconic Emerald Cup Awards.

The California cannabis market is the largest and most diverse on the planet and the Emerald Cup has long stood as the premier competition, celebration, and direct-to-consumer marketplace for the best that Cali has to offer.

It has been a crazy couple of years for live events, the Emerald Cup included. It has taken a lot of hard work and creativity to keep the Cup kickin’. In 2021, we threw the coolest cannabis celebration of the year with the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball. In 2022, we take the show on the road down to Los Angeles to party for the highly prestigious Emerald Cup Awards. In 2023… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see but we plan to go bigger and better than ever before and we want you along for the ride!