The Emerald Cup is California’s longest-running, most authentic celebration of cannabis culture and quality.

Each year, The Emerald Cup Competition evaluates hundreds of entries spanning more than four dozen unique categories. Over 100 thoughtfully selected official Emerald Cup Judges spend over a month analyzing entries and lab tests to determine who grew the best flower, and produced the high quality edibles, drinks, vape carts, topicals, concentrates and more.

After the judging concludes, we tally those results and present all of the winners at the Emerald Cup Awards, a live in-person stage event rightfully dubbed as “The Academy Awards of Cannabis.”

The Awards are accompanied by a two-day celebration which includes music, community, education, food and of course, great cannabis! The world-renowned Emerald Cup Craft Cannabis Marketplace is always a bustling attraction and Emerald Cup Sessions speaker panels fill the room with curious connoisseurs. We dance the night away with friends new and old!

What are the Emerald Cup Awards?

The Emerald Cup Awards is the foundational aspect of our annual event, offering a transparent and trusted chance for California’s best cultivators, extractors, movers, shakers, and cool-product-makers to compete against the rest.

The world-renowned Emerald Cup Awards is excited to announce that our highly anticipated 2024 awards ceremony will be held in the historic Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California on Aug 17th & 18th, 2024.

Now in our 20th year, the Emerald Cup continues to create a memorable and unique entheogenic experience for our competitors, judges, speakers, and guests.

When do the 2024 Emerald Cup Awards take place?

The 20th Annual Emerald Cup Awards show will take place on Aug 17th & 18th, 2024​, at the Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts in Oakland, California.


When does the festival start/end & Age Limit?

This is a 21+ Event. VIP Venue doors will open at 11am PT. G/A 12pm PT each day. Curfew will be 10 pm PT. 

Will there be volunteer opportunities available?

Yes. Limited. Stay Tuned for more info on Socials & Website. Thank you. 

Are there still vendor or sponsor spots available?

Yes we’d love to have you! You can apply to be an exhibitor HERE and sponsor HERE

Where do the Emerald Cup Awards take place?

We are honored and excited to produce the Emerald Cup Awards Show & Celebratory Festival at the historic & newly renovated Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts at: 10 10th Street, Oakland, CA  overlooking Lake Merritt. This will be an indoor & outdoor experience with three floors of activations. Come to where Emerald Cup will embrace the history of “community thru music, art, cannabis” and where Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Queen and the Grateful Dead, have performed and partied.

What are the Competition Categories that are represented at the 20th Annual Emerald Cup Awards?

A full list of Emerald Cup Competition Categories can be found here, along with definitions.

Why do I keep hearing about Terpenes in regards to the Emerald Cup Competition?

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC certainly matter, but ongoing research has revealed that robust terpene content along with cannabinoid content is the real winning combination. In fact, the Flower entry with the highest level of THC has never won the Emerald Cup!

We have long known that proper flavor and aroma are required to achieve desired effects, but now we have the science to prove it. Beginning in 2022, The Emerald Cup joined forces with PhytoFacts® and SC Labs which resulted in the Emerald Cup Cannabis Classification System based on PhytoFacts® powered by SC Labs. Learn more about it here.

Can I purchase tickets to the Emerald Cup Awards?

We are so excited to have you join us for the 20th year anniversary August 17th & 18th, 2024. You can grab your tickets right HERE.


Ticket info & Refunds

– Where to get a refund for tickets?

We get it, life happens. If you bought tickets and cannot attend. Please email help@seetickets.us no later than Mon Aug 12, 2024 to receive a full refund. For the most efficient turnaround, please include your order confirmation number in your request.

– Will my purchased ticket be automatically updated for the new date(s)?

Yes. All ticket purchases for May are valid for the new dates. If you cannot attend in August, please email help@seetickets.us no later than April 2nd, 2024 to receive a full refund. For the most efficient turnaround, please include your order confirmation number in your request.

– Will there be allocated Veteran tickets still?

Yes. We are proud to support those that have served. A 25% Discount for a Veterans w/Veteran ID Card can use PROMO CODE: EmeraldVets. Also we will also be partnering with Cannabis Veterans Organizations to be announced.

– Single Day & Weekend passes available now.

Yes. Buy your passes HERE

– Where can I purchase tickets for Emerald Cup – August 17th & 18th, 2024?

We are so excited to have you join us for the 20th year anniversary. You can grab your tickets right HERE. 

  • Parking. Oakland City Parking Lots HERE.
  • Emerald Pass VIP parking passes will be distributed prior to the event.
  • Shuttles. Free Shuttle Service provided To/From Oakland Partner Hotels.
  • RideShare. We encourage attendees to Rideshare via LYFT & UBER. We will have nearby venue drop off & pick up areas.
  • Public Transportation. We encourage using BART and exit on Lake Merritt Station only .3 miles from Venue.

To ensure the best possible safety measures for Emerald Cup partners & attendees, we are partnering and implementing safety measures with the support of the City Of Oakland, retaining Oakland Police Department (OPD) & professional Security Team, Strategic Threat Management plus Safety & Community Ambassadors.

  • Oakland Police Department will be on-site, within the surrounding perimeters (including sidewalks & parking lots/garages of our venue. Police vehicles, roaming officers will be following mutually-approved strategic planning procedures to respond to any concerns or incidents attendees may have.
  • Strategic Threat Management will be on-site, within the surrounding perimeters (including sidewalks & parking lots/garages of our venue. Police vehicles, roaming officers will be following mutually-approved strategic planning procedures to respond to any concerns or incidents attendees may have.

This is a 21+ Ages Event. Bring ID. Security Check including Bag Check, Metal Detection, and security pat down at all entrances.

  • Prohibited Attendee Items.  What Is Allowed & Not Allowed Upon Entry
  • Outside Cannabis
  • Outside Food and Drinks
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Blankets & towels that are larger than 60” x 30”
  • Narcotics Paraphernalia
  • Fireworks or Other Explosives
  • Colors (no patches of gang affiliation, etc.)
  • Weapons. (knives, guns, martial arts weapons, baseball bats)
  • Large Tools (crowbars, garden tools, cutters, etc)
  • Large Backpacks and Bags
  • Beach chairs, high-back chairs, hammocks, pillows, bean bags, other lounging items
  • Water Guns, Water or Helium Balloons or Kites
  • Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Skates, Scooters, Hoverboards  (motorized or push, *except medical)
  • Flyers and Stickers Historic Building restrictions & respect)
  • Marker Pens and Spray Paint
  • Coolers of any kind
  • Pets (*service animals exempt w/card)
  • Professional Audio, Video, Lighting or Drone recording equipment (except personal small handheld (iPhones, etc)  (*excluding authorized media and crew)
  • Amplified Sound Devices (wireless speakers, etc.)
  • Megaphones, PA systems, Air Horns
  • Indoor Lockers. 

Event will offer Indoor On Site Locker Rentals available throughout Event Days/Weekend.

Hotels / Shuttles

Any Hotel or Travel recommendations?

Emerald Cup Hotel Recommendations x Crewfare. Explore Discounted, Curated Travel Experiences with Crewfare.

Will there be Shuttles to/from event?

Yes. Free Shuttle Service provided To/From Downtown Oakland Partner Hotels.


For the 20th Anniversary edition of the Emerald Cup Awards, we decided to recombine the awards show with the celebratory event that had previously been split off into the “Harvest Ball” event, usually held in mid-December at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa.

The Emerald Cup Awards show has been pushed back to April of 2024 in order to allow for proper curing and processing of the 2023 cannabis harvest, as well as to give judges ample time to experience every entry with the in-depth attention that they deserve.

Our reasons for changing up the December tradition for the competition include:

1. By pushing the intake date and the competition itself back on the calendar, farmers had more time to properly harvest their outdoor cannabis crops, dry and cure their samples before entering them. This is a direct result of feedback in action – we hear you.

2. Since the Emerald Cup’s roots run so deeply in the cannabis culture, everyone from CEOs to connoisseurs are keeping a close eye on which brands and products take home Emerald Cup Awards. With the stakes higher than ever, this new timeline allows us to be more deliberative in the testing and judging processes, ensuring a fair and accurate competition.

3. The 20th Anniversary of The Emerald Cup calls for a bigger, better party! In April, we’ll have warmer weather, along with an urban setting in the East Bay that makes it easier for more of the community to attend the event.