Zack Darling

Zack Darling is the CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) at The Hybrid Creative, a digital creative agency in Santa Rosa, Ca. focused on cannabis, hydroponics and medical marijuana ventures. He co-founded the parent company, ZDCA Design & Development in 2009 with his colleague, Kate Schneider, who serves as President and CTO. The Hybrid Creative brings to the table a wide variety of skills with a primary focus on brand strategy, design, product packaging, web development and marketing solutions.

Zack grew up on Greenfield Ranch, a hippie commune in the hills of Mendocino County. He has been exposed to the cannabis culture his entire life and is truly “second generation.” Throughout his 41 years, he’s been an active environmentalist, community activist, and event organizer. He was the lead producer of Harmony Festival’s Techno-Tribal night concerts for 13 years, the North Bay Burning Man representative for 7 years, two-time winner of the Bohemian’s “Best DJ in the North Bay” award, and the graphic designer behind many festivals and concerts in Northern California. He was awarded the North Bay Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” award, and his agency continues to be the undefeated winner of the North Bay Bohemian’s “Best Digital Creative Services” award.

Zack launched his first design business, Greenfield Graphics, in 1997 where he first began creating brands and marketing materials for the music industry, sustainable ventures, and the young hydroponics industry. Since then, he has acted as Creative Director for thousands of industry-related projects. He has been a featured speaker at the Elevated Cannabis Conference, Women Grow events and many others.

Zack Darling and The Hybrid Creative agency have become widely known as the go-to team for entrepreneurs starting a new business in the cannabis industry. To learn more, visit: